Berghaus Mera Peak @ Blacks £152.99

Berghaus Mera Peak @ Blacks £152.99

Found 21st Nov 2010
Blacks have reduced the Berghaus Mera Peak jacket from £199 to £179. You can also use 15% off code imbd to bring it down to £152.99. Free delivery also applies. Code can be used on anything on site as far as I can tell. Cheapest I can find for this coat but happy to be corrected.


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Obviously cheaper somewhere else judging by the cold comments.. Lol

actually its the cheapest price around by far !. i think its getting cold votes because its still an expensive jacket

says code cannot be used

edit: got it working now
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Expensive for the right reason too. 2 layer gortex so it's fully waterproof and will last years! Cold because it's expensive! A deals a deal in my book. Thought that was how it worked in here. Hopefully the more knowledgeable folk who come on here will appreciate this. I'll try and find a cheap Helly Hanson on MandM direct to keep the rest of the chavs happy!! Lol.
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Great price and great jacket

unfortunately, too many people on here think a berghaus jacket is used for hiding your bottle of buckfast from the police.

they dont realise how good a deal this jacket is. no chance of it gaining any heat now. i just got it with the 15% code + 6% cash back. so im happy. this needs to be the last outdoor jacket i buy, i got far to many now.

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Damn I always forget about the cashback.. Was trying this jacket on yesterday in Manchester and most of the outdoor stores had it at £199 so glad I waited and checked for a voucher. Tried some North face and Berghaus and have to say the berghaus felt and fitted a lot better. The North Face jackets were a shorter fitting which I'm not a fan of. Hope you like the jacket and it fits nicely into your collection!!

Im still debating.... I did love my last mera peak, im just too fat for it lol

A lot of people vote on here based on price alone regardless of what the item is, or how much cheaper it is than elsewhere. This is a fabulous coat and they are really well made.

Sod it, ive just ordered it. I've treated myself. I just hope it fits hehe
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