Berghaus Spectrum Zip Fleece for £22 at Bargain Crazy was £49

Berghaus Spectrum Zip Fleece for £22 at Bargain Crazy was £49

Found 17th Sep 2007
Now only £22, save £27 on the usual price of £49. Only available in XS & S

Berghaus Spectrum Zip Fleece. 'Spectrum' polar fleece jacket. Pil-resistant finish. Interactive with 'Mera Peak' jacket and 'Mera Peak XCR' jacket. Polyester. Pictured right.

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Good deal mate, your direct link seems to be broken so follow


to get to the deal.

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Sorry about that, don't know what went wrong, maybe someone can fix the link?

This is the correct link tylah3. I think you had one too many 'http://s' -…D=1

No good for anyone bigger than small size though.

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you're probably right, i just copied what it had in the browser. Thanks.

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Right, changed it now so the link now works.
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