Berliner Kindl Pils Beer 99p @ Aldi

Berliner Kindl Pils Beer 99p @ Aldi

Found 1st May 2015
In store in Aldi. Lovely beer. 99p for 500ml. Bargain. Much better than uk brewed rubbish.
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this is lovely stuff
Bought this the other day but not tried it yet!
I don't think all uk brewed beer is "rubbish"

I don't think all uk brewed beer is "rubbish"

I would suggest he just means the "German" lagers that are actually made in the UK under licence. We all know that British beers are the finest in the world.
cheapo in my opinion just another supermarket lager with no sound
Brewed in Germany
I polished a few off last night. Very nice in my opinion.
Still available in my local store. OK is how I would describe it, but nothing I have ever had in the UK has been anywhere near as nice as the Bavarian and Austrian beers (Pilsner). Given how cheap they are over there ....

I once asked at a local brewery why and they replied that they were selling all they could make locally, so why bother exporting? Fair comment. So, if you want a really nice pilsner, get yourself into the high valleys of Austria and find a local brew. And whilst you are there, try the local schnapps, which are equally as excellent.
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