Bern Watts helmet £30 @ always riding

Bern Watts helmet £30 @ always riding

Found 19th Jul 2014
These usually retail at £50, look cool and stop you looking like your in the tour de france


you should post retailer in the title will go cold otherwise.

plenty in TKMaxx at this price too. Portsmouth and in Waterlooville

Look cool? If you're about 10 and on a BMX maybe

May not be so cool for cycling, but perfect for roller derby.

Get the winter liner and it's perfect for snowboarding. Paid £80 at the beginning of the year for one. Heat added.

My concern with any skid lid with a brow is that in a hit the ground crash position there is increased chance of neck jolt injury (being pushed back more) which is why I only recommend smooth helmets.

NB, I hate wearing a helmet unless i'm compelled to wear one on an extreme steep angled off piste slope, but the point remains the same.

(good price, ..not voted though)
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