Bernard Matthews 7 Turkey Burgers for £1 @ Morrisons

Bernard Matthews 7 Turkey Burgers for £1 @ Morrisons

Found 15th Nov 2012
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"Bootiful" Nuff said
Just waiting for the stupid comments from the usual idiots
always this price at iceland
I think its 8 burgers for £2 at Iceland
Are these the ones that are as thin as cd's or do they have some substance to them?
They're a little thin, and small.. but for the price they aren't bad at all.
have these been pre clubbed to death

have these been pre clubbed to death

No, these are the really thin ones, they stamp on them until they stop breathing!
Not fit for the dog . Sweepings up of the floor .
sorry they are rough
One of these bugers in a roll, with bacon, cheses, lettuce and ranch sauce....Foodgasim much?
Your guts must be terrible .
Always remember my mother having some glass in one of their turkey products, bad times.
what a load of crap goes into these wouldn't give them to my child
Crap not even worth £1.00 tastless full of crap
I'm not one to normally knock cheaper food like this but these really do taste awful
Matthews should be banned from selling food . For what whent on in there factory .
I try not to buy anything Bernard Matthews. They usually taste terrible.
Agree B Mathews food leaves a lot to be desired
Does anybody really enjoy eating this muck??
I used to love BM when I was younger.. last time I had them (turkey escalopes) I felt sick and to throw away the 3 packs away. i didn't see the foxes tear the bags up for that one. i complained and they sent me vouchers, I threw them away as well.
good price
At last a family pack of 7. So pleased my fifth child no longer has to sit and watch...
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