Bernard Matthews turkeys half price in Sainsburys, starting at £10

Bernard Matthews turkeys half price in Sainsburys, starting at £10

Found 26th Nov 2008
Bernard Matthews Small Basted Turkey (approx. 4.4kg)- £10
Serves 4-6 ish

Bernard Matthews Basted Medium Turkey (approx. 6.2kg)- £15
Serves 8-10 ish

Bernard Matthews Large Basted Frozen Turkey (approx 8.2kg)- £20
Serves 12-14 ish


these are starting at £6 in Tescos

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Online they are the same price as Sainsburys?
Is it just instore?

must be instore , sorry dont do online shopping so couldnt check

Hmm Bernard Matthews, nice place! Wonder if these turkeys have been used as live footballs like the ones in the press a few months ago.

No wonder the company has launched a lovely happy happy nicey tv ad...sales must be down.

Sales are massively down I think.
They say on the new ad's born and bred in the UK, but they always have been, it's the fact that with some (most?) as soon as they are born they're shipped of to Romania to be reared, then shipped back over later on in varying states. I remember a spokeman on Watchdog when the infection happened saying it's fine to call them british birds as their mothers were british and they were born here. What happened inbetween that and ending up on your plate didn't matter. That's when I stopped buying Bernard Matthews.
But do watch out they've changed their packaging, one sort to hardly include the Bernard Matthews name on it.

*not voting either way to be fair*

My girlfriend who used to work in a Sainsbury's says they keep the same Turkey's from last year to re-sell this year. Bernard Mathews ones that is, because they hardly sold any last year.
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