Berny's closing sale! Jeans: £10 free belt and beanie!

Berny's closing sale! Jeans: £10 free belt and beanie!

Found 4th Feb 2012
Berny's is closing down! They're a good shop I've used a few times and right now their prices have gone pretty low for instance;

Jeans - £10
Adult Hoodies - £10
Tshirts are all £5

Also you get a free belt + hat with adult jeans!
If you spend over £50 you get a free hat, free bag and free delivery too!
Delivery for my single pair of jeans was £5.50 not sure what it would be for more.

More info here:…d=4

Sizes are a bit limited but I managed to find a pair to fit me.. wish you luck!
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Odd sizing on the men's hoodies! Small = 44" chest! I take it HUGE is a skate thing?

Got some nice stuff for my boy - the jeans, shorts and hoodies for boys are all £5.00!
Apparently so! I've only ever gone for the jeans. I think it's for mobility or something. I'm not cool enough to know.
dunno who these ppl are (apparently not for wimps or farts!) but it's a damn good sale!
good prices...but sizing too weird.
Bizarrely I remember wearing these jeans as a teenager, but apparently they only make mens and kids sizes
love berny's! Im 6ft1 but have a inside leg of 34 inch and these jeans are the only ones that i can get that perfect fit

nice find!
I would fancy a hoodie, but if I am normally a L and 5" 8, wouls S be big enough?

Odd sizing, but seems like good value. Any advice appreciated.
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