Berries 1/2 price at Sainsburys - most down to £1.99 from £3.99
Berries 1/2 price at Sainsburys - most down to £1.99 from £3.99

Berries 1/2 price at Sainsburys - most down to £1.99 from £3.99

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All berries are 1/2 price - strawberries, raspberries, blueberries. Most are £1.99.
Very good deal if you are going to buy some anyway.


I was in Sainsbury's yesterday.
Some really good offers
They also have half price necturines, bag of about 7 kiwis for £1
and, getting away from fruit, their fresh pizzas are BOGOF @ £3.29 very nice too.........

Dont know about rasps or blueberries but I thought the strawberries were always £1.99 a punnet in Sainsburys.

Thanks, might try them and see if they're any better than Tescos. Similar deal in Tesco at the moment though - blueberries yesterday were £1, Rasps 2 for £4, Strawberries £1.99 or £2.49. They raspberries weren't even worth that to be honest, they taste of nothing at all, and it was the so-called 'finest' I bought. The raspberries in Waitrose are well worth the extra cash, they actually taste like the real fruit you picked when you were a kid!

Asda were doing a box of kiwis for 50p during their, er, 50p weekend recently.

Guess it's easier for the stores to source berries cheaply at the moment - not so far to travel.

Cold deal £1.99 is the standard price in the supermarkets for these, a hell of alot cheaper if you have a PYO nearby or on the market

I got some value strawberries for 49p, reduced from 99p on wednesday

Half price for the Strawbs and Rasps is compared to the price when it's not peak season - so hardly a good deal. They are a similar price everywhere.

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These are british and organic strawbs. Please don't compare to Smart Price rubbish which have no flavour.

Just come back from my local sainsburys. The £1.99 strawberries are Scottish (500gm) BUT the basics strawberries are ........Scottish! and are only 49p for 250gm. Exactly the same for half the price.

Supermarket fruit is terrible and tends to last a few days at best. just notice the difference in storage conditions from somewhere like Costco compared yo your local supermarket. Its like been in a chiller at costco and while dearer as you have to buy in bulk the produce lasts a lot longer so evens out the cost. I have some cherries from morrisons and if i don't have them tonight then most will be off by tomorrow. Alos fruit from supermarkets is a pain to ripen correctly.
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