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Breitling Chronomat Colt 41mm Silver Dial Men's Automatic Watch £2060 @ Berry's Jewellers
Posted 20th OctPosted 20th Oct
Breitling Chronomat Colt 41mm Silver Dial Men's Automatic Watch A17313101G1A1. Stainless steel 41mm case and unidirectional ratcheted bezel all on a strap & buck… Read more

Lots of pics here


The picture doesn’t do the dial justice. These also wear nice and low on the wrist. Great buy IMO


Nice looking Colt, but at the end of the day its still a Colt. Traditionally wont hold its value well. Priced between £1650 - £1800 would stand a better chance. Check out the 2nd hand market on these for a guide.


Yup, I love the new direction. Less in your face and a lot of their new pieces are very classy. They seem to be reducing the thickness and diameter on most of them 👌🏻


For a Breitling it's quite understated

Omega Seamaster Railmaster 40mm Blue Dial Men's Nato Strap Watch - £2,920 @ Berrys
Posted 28th SepPosted 28th Sep
Good price on this

For that kind of money it should have interchangeable straps


That strap almost made me sick into my mouth. Its offensive (imo of course!)


Railmaster: so you know what time the train arrives but not what day! Why no date on this? Sensible size though but I'll stick with my old Speedmaster!


I prefer the levi 501 denim


What is your opinion of the strap on?

Chopard Mille Miglia GT XL Chronograph Steel Black Dial Men's Strap Watch £4,465 from Berrys
Posted 22nd SepPosted 22nd Sep
Quite a few more Chopard reductions. 9 grand off this one...

Richard Mille's cousin?


It's the same for almost any product. They go down. They go up. Take a Bentley! You'll lose £25000 turning the ignition key. In fact, five years ago my mate bought a 1998 Bentley Road Turbo for £14000. It had lost 90% of its value. Now you can't buy one for twice what he paid. Might happen with this watch. Might not. But he REALLY wanted an old Bentley...


I thought lead balloons held their value quite well :)


Going by what you can buy the same brand new imported watch on Chrono24, I reckon wearing this watch for one day will cost you at least £2,000. Unfortunately it’s an undesirable brand. Buy only if you really want the watch and don’t care about resale values.


Just buy a rolex with that money, it will hold its value.

Nomos club 735 watch £960 @ Berry’s Jewellers. (Sapphire case back also in post)
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Posted 23rd AugPosted 23rd Aug
Nomos club 735 watch £960 @ Berry’s Jewellers. (Sapphire case back also in post)£960
Nice little saving on the 735 and 737 from Nomos here. NOMOS Glashutte Club Campus 38mm White/Blue Dial Manual-Wind Strap Watch 735/737. Stainless steel 38mm case and bezel all o… Read more
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Nice. I like the IV.


I'd have to agree on the imbalance. Really queer thing to do as IIII would have been expected. Would like to know the reason they chose to move away from the norm and go with IV


It’s not the nod to a California dial part, it’s the use of IV as opposed to IIII. With IIII typically used on a dial to provide balance and symmetry with the VIII, by only having two of the twelve hour markers use Roman Numerals, to my eye at least, the imbalance between IV and VIII is more evident.


There must be a story behind why they have not used the watchmakers four? With only two Roman Numerals on the dial, for me at least, by using IV the whole balance thing is even more noticeable. Heat.

Iwc schaffhausen ingenieur watch automatic code: iw357001 £3185 @ Berry’s Jewellers
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Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Iwc schaffhausen ingenieur watch automatic code: iw357001 £3185 @ Berry’s Jewellers£3,185£4,25025% Free P&P Free
I posted this beauty up a month or so ago when it was £3400 and it got a good response. Just checked back on Berry’s and it was in my basket at a greater reduction of £3185! Plenty… Read more
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Berry's jewellers sound like con artists, thanks for the feedback Bertie, I despise companies who remove negative reviews. Thank God hukd allows open discussion so we can root out the scammers


Fair comment. But its interesting that they don't appear to have any reviews on Yell. Where both myself & others posted our factual reviews of our experience with this company. I wouldn't place much trust in this companies reviews. I'd even go so far as to say that they've probably had major issues with bad reviews & probably employed a company to help clean them up. Maybe they've changed, maybe now they actually own the item they're selling you before taking your money.


Not picky at all mate, I completely get where you’re coming from and I’m the same, if I have a bad experience with a company I won’t use them again either, regardless of wether it’s a watch or a pair of socks. I was just saying it probably was a one off seen as the online reviews are generally favourable. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience and I do hope it worked out in the end.


I spent over £3k on a watch, paid for special delivery with them. So not only had it in my basket on their site but paid for it too. They at this point unbeknown to me started trying to buy one for me from & I quote from "the grey market". After patiently waiting a couple of months I got on the phone to one of the directors, only to be told we can't get hold of the watch we sold you, we'll just refund you...end of. Not a care in the world about their customer who entrusted them with over £3k. Meanwhile I'd tried the watch on at the manufacturers store in London Heathrow & could have bought it there n then. If I was buying a disposable plastic watch, maybe I wouldnt have been quite so annoyed. Call me picky, but if I'm spending over £3k on a watch as an investment, I like to be treated with honesty & integrity. If the company is claiming its in stock, for me that means they have what I've just paid for & I'll receive it in a day or so, not that they'll then try & find one. You would be correct in assuming I have more than just one watch, & therefore that I will buy more in the future......just 100% not from Berrys.


Now that is a beauty!

OMEGA Olympic Games Collection Limited Edition Watch Set with bell £19,500 at Berrysjewellers
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Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
OMEGA Olympic Games Collection Limited Edition Watch Set with bell £19,500 at Berrysjewellers£19,500£23,90018%
Right. So HDUK deleted my last try at posting this incredible bell/watch deal so here we go again...

The faces have coloured detail to match each strap. Makes it all worth while (lol)


If someone could add a genius ebay quote now then it's 100 comments! Who'd of thought we wanted one of those??


Says Tokyo 2020 on them. Didn't happen, I'm calling fakes on these.




How can you tell when your watch is hungry? It goes back four seconds. Bring it on...!