Bertie Numatic Corded 230V Bagged Dry Vacuum PSP 200 £75 Online only @ B&Q (Early Boxing Day Deal)

Bertie Numatic Corded 230V Bagged Dry Vacuum PSP 200 £75 Online only @ B&Q (Early Boxing Day Deal)

Found 23rd Dec 2015
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Numatic Corded 230V Bagged Dry Vacuum PSP 200. This Numatic dry vacuum features a 9 litre capacity tank. This allows for longer vacuuming before needing to be emptied. It comes with professional accessory kit ah1 kit

A class energy efficient, A rated
10 metre cable professional specification cable tidy system
Wand docking convenient, on-board wand docking storage
Hepaflo easy to change high efficiently HepaFlo bags
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He's called Bertie X)

is it any good?
Is he better than henry or hetty. My wife bought a shark and it is utter £&@"&&£&
I'm waiting to see if the Henry is dropped in price during the next week or so. Good price though.
That's the wife's belated Xmas present sorted.
The Hetty is the most talented, it sucks like a mother!
Heat for not calling it a hoover.
Is bertie the son or the uncle???
Cannot see it
They are French.
Any chance of an amazon price match
Is the power same as Henry, they look same
this is the newer 620w motor not the older better 1200w model.

Is bertie the son or the uncle???

if it's from the deep south of gun toting U.S of A then it'll be both of them at the same time
This is £39 at Tesco....

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This is £39 at … This is £39 at Tesco.... is Tesco's Jack....

You have to be over 18 to buy this product!!

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is this better than henry?

They are French.

About Numatic International Ltd.

Located at Chard in the southwest of England, the company employs over 700 people. The site occupies an area of more than 10 hectares and operates continuously, producing over 4000 products per day.

The present site was acquired over 18 years ago and there has been a continuous programme of expansion since. – The erection of additional buildings has created space for new semi-automated production lines and substantial warehousing.

Thirty computer-controlled injection moulding machines, the majority of which are equipped with either 6-axis or beam robots, produce the principle components. Larger tanks and containers are rotationally moulded on either a four arm ‘carousel’ machine or a massive ‘shuttle’ machine. Sophisticated robotic welding, computer-controlled laser cutting and many other state-of-the-art operations contribute to the high build quality and standard of finish.

The whole process is co-ordinated by a skilled and flexible workforce, with a rigid quality assurance scheme in line with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008; ensuring that all finished machines undergo rigorous inspection, with identification by serial number.

Design and development are carried out in a well-equipped engineering department, with state-of-the-art CAD-CAM systems and Rapid-Prototype modelling facilities.

All important business processes are controlled by a fully integrated computer network of more than 400 PC’s with powerful Oracle ERP systems.

Numatic strongly believes in the importance of training and operates a dedicated training school where end-users and distributors’staff can receive instruction in the application and maintenance of our products.

The impressive sales warehouse facility covers over 16,000m2 . This allows us to hold higher levels of stock for fast moving and selected specialised products, ensuring we provide our customers with fast availability.

We are also an environmentally friendly company, in both product design and operation, and try as far as possible to recycle much of our waste material. For this we hold an ISO 14001 accreditation.

Our aim is to continue to be innovative, maintain a high standard of quality and provide good value for money.

is this better than henry?

Not in my opinion because the cable has to be manually rewound onto the top of the machine every-time unlike the Henry where its excellent internal rewind cable storage system is one of it's best features, simple, robust and well implemented.

They are French.

Numatic are still privately owned by founder Chris Duncan who is not French.

If you want one of these then try and get a second hand one that was sold before the EU laws came in to limit power consumption. Those powerful ones were great for tough jobs like DIY clean ups. Not so great around the house for normal light domestic work but I keep another cleaner for that.
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