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BeSmart breakdown cover - FREE for 12 months @ BeSmart

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About this deal

Free national breakdown cover for any car for 12 months - no matter the age of the car.

Get Our 5 Star Motor Breakdown Cover Today!
FREE For 12 Months - Cancel Any Time
What Your Cover Includes:
Nationwide Roadside Assistance
Local Tow Within 10 Miles
No Limit On Car Age
£0 Excess

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    I had this and when I tried to use them the call centre agent wasn't even aware their company did breakdown cover and advised me to call back during office hours!

    They are a small time Mickey mouse outfit and I had to point out multiple typos on their website that they may or may not have fixed now.

    I raised a complaint about my experience but they just fobbed me off offering to give me a discounted membership which I obviously declined.

    I'd avoid and use someone established like auto aid. You'll thank me later if you ever have a breakdown.
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    I think these guys are just 'farming' for details. I signed up for the the last time months ago, still waiting for my order confirmation email
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    Yes all the 5 star reviews are how easy it is to take out a policy. All the 1 stars are how good they are
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    Why is it over £50 when you get to pay?
    The basic free package provides the following:

    The Following Service Is Provided With All Levels Of Membership: Roadside Assistance
    In the event of a breakdown within the territorial limits (UK), which occurs more than a one-mile radius/straight line from your home address and during the Period of your membership, we will arrange and pay for a recovery engineer to attend the breakdown and where appropriate, spend up to 60 minutes to try and repair the vehicle.

    If it can't be repaired in the 60 minutes then you have the choice of recovery to a garage or location within 10 miles.

    That should be enough for most people.

    If you're like me and you do your own repairs and travel a lot you need Nationwide recovery.

    I don't like this though, not covered:

    26. Any damage or loss to your vehicle or its contents caused by the recovery engineer. It is your responsibility to ensure personal possessions are removed prior to your vehicle being transported.
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    Appreciate OP posting this deal. I am just sharing this for others to read before they decide to purchase the cover.

    My experience has been that road assistance service has seriously suffered since covid. AA/RAC are still providing service while others cheaper ones have folded. Given the objective is to have peace of mind when take out breakdown cover - personally l am in doubt if this service will offer peace of mind given the trustpilot reviews of people of few handful people who have used them.

    First The value of this is so low that I am not sure, they can decide to refuse service at the time you need it (simply not attend or worse keep finding fineprint) and then refund you the sums paid! I had this experience with GreenFlag (£80 policy in 2019) who refused to provide service quoting my car Hybrid was not covered 6 months after the purchase - because for them sending a rescue specialist for hybrid would have costed a lot more than £80. GreenFlag refused to refund any money and were cheeky enough to try to sneak in a renewal of service (see second concern)

    Second concern is that rather than taking 0£ (Free cover case) or <£5(added extras) via card details form, the firm is asking to setup a Direct Debit mandate - in this case you are giving the authority to the firm to take money out of your bank. Yes Direct Debit is protected but there is a small effort in stopping payments but huge effort in recovering money. Direct debit is more useful where recurring payments are going - which is definitely not the case here. For the annual payment option, I would have expected option to pay direct via card rather than leaving a direct debit mandate.

    Third - Given their previous venture had been groupon as well. Rather than raising up the prices, its going down.

    I hope some users can share their experience on this thread on what is it like to be on BeSmart (edited)
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    Free until you break down, then you have to pay.
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    Can't be bad for free. Bought it for the wife. Cheers OP
    What did you buy? Lmao
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    How do they compare to others including RAC?
    I would imagine with only 1600 engineers not too much of a wait
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    £2.91 for Nationwide recovery. Bargain!
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    There aren't many bad reviews at all and those are mainly due to numpties not reading the provided terms.

    I guess they are hoping that many people will sign up, not many will need to use the service and will hopefully renew as paying customers after the 12 months.

    It's better than nothing for free or little cost.
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    If you break down, can you not just sign up for AA or RAC. Then you've got instant cover?
    You can, but it costs more, obviously?
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    Can’t say no to something that free now can I?!