BEST deal on the new Nokia N95
BEST deal on the new Nokia N95

BEST deal on the new Nokia N95

Best deal by a mile on the brand NEW Nokia N95, What you get :-

800 any network minutes a month
250 texts a month
And only a 12 month contract

Amazing deal snap it up before they change there minds!


Good deal if you need that many minutes, but if you don't, there are many contracts that will cost less over 12 months, between £500-600. See
(no affiliation).

£50 x 12 = 600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sim free costs £499 from play and about £469.99 from The link sim free!!!!!!

This so NOT a good deal!

Just got the phone for £89 from an orange shop, but got £100 cashback for handing in an old phone!

Went with the 18 month contract so I get free broadband, got the canary 950, 950 martini minutes plus 300 text for £40, am a member of the fire brigade so I get 10% off that so it is £36!

For £5 a month extra, I get unlimited home landline calls and international calls!

And he threw in free nokia bluetooth headset

Being a brand new highly sort after phone, there will be no real *cheap* deals for a few months until the hype dies down a little.

There are better deals to be had with T-Mobile direct with their Flext Tariff, plus if you add web + walk you get free mobile browsing included (unlimited they say but fair usage at about 2GB/month - if you continuously exceed it they can stop the service).

However, T-Mobile isn't on quidco and no longer on greasypalm so no nice £25 cashbacks for going direct to them, which I got last year

With their Flext 35 plus unlimited mobile internet, was £42.50pm but now £37.50pm online discount, you get a massive £180 allowance each month to spend how you want (texts or calls), unlimited browsing (fair usage - don't use it for skype etc) and the handset for 69.99. Ok so that's over 18 months, but if you can use and stay within £180 allowance each month and never pay more than the 37.50 per month that's a fantastic rate - and note that no other network currently gives a data tariff that cheap. O2 I think you get about 5mb free only, nowhere near 2GB+!!


Mark300ZX, lets us know what year you get your broadband connected. Oh and tell your friends you wont have any home phone for a few months while Orange botches the job.

Head over to adslguide to see what I mean or check out Watchdog on the BBC.

Yeah I know about the problems with them, might not be going to them as talktalk say I signed an 18month phone/broadband contract with them, and I thought it was a 12 month contract I signed:-(

I found a t-mobile deal, £35 a month with flext 35 and £130 for the phone. seemed alright deal

Thelink i didnt know about but if add 5% (SIM5) code brings total down to £436.99 which beats some of the ebay prices aswell

i've been looking on onestopphoneshop, the link, dial a phone, e2save & thought i had decided on a £40 for 800 mins and 400 texts with orange with £50 for the phone. But when i called vodafone to cancel my contract and get a puk code, the offered me my same £25pm contact for 18months, and i had to pay £100 for the phone, but i asked if they could throw in some extras and i got a cradle, in car charger, bluetooth headset and memory card :-) Surely worth the £100!!!

Phoned the link and they wheren't too happy about SIM5 they said if it works OK if it doesn't hard luck. N95 is a bit funny on GPS you need to use GPRS or Wifi to use the nokia maps AFAIK so you might need a data bundle.

heard this phone has terrible reviews. very buggy firmware and poor camera.

rubbish deal. My term costs my £489 from o2 with the n95.

paid lump sum for phone, but only £20 a month. so over 12 months costs me £489.

I find the camera to be very good! lets remember its a phone. Firmware does seem to have issues here and there, but so did my n70.

And o2 also give you 1gb memory card with all the maps pre loaded to save on your data usage

Shouldn't these pay monthly phone deals have the monthly tariff listed?
It's like how adverts for cars used to be "get this car for only £100 a month" but failed to mention the intrest rate and the payment period

Yep, my N95 cost £480 inc. with contract, have to say the pictures are better than my N80, battery life is good, much faster and many GUI improvements.
Overall impressed with the GPS, had the Nokia 3 year plan subsidised

Plays movies etc. on the big screen well, just get a big memory card and off you go !!
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