Best fireworks thread
Best fireworks thread
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    Best fireworks thread

    I have been trying to find the best high street deals for fireworks.
    There are many different offers so thorght I would start a thread to include all the ones I could to make it easier to get the best deal

    Feel free to add other retailers btw



    - mshtel


    Original Poster


    Original Poster

    Netto fireworks


    Click thursday 18th page 7


    they cant deliver fireworks can they? do they have to send it via a special courier?

    they are not allowed to ppost it

    go to an organised display, under a £10 for rides and display at lightwater valley this weekend.

    Im looking for these type fireworks got about 3/4 years ago. like bee shaped with wings. Lit them and they spiraled up just showing light but had about 10 to a box, were quite good for children can't find them again.

    As for them being banned, shouldnt be. Not everyone prefers standing squashed, hundreds of meters away in the cold away from home having to watch a display you can barely see. Just enforce a stricter order on the fireworks, bet you enjoyed fireworks at home when you was younger

    aldi had good deals last year but they were a bit dodgy about selling them, took me 3 times until I got them because a manager/supervisor kept saying they werent allowed to sell them!? a bit sus..

    To be fair to the OP, most people have ruined what could be a useful post to some I'm neither here or there with fireworks, like anything in the wrong hands they are dangerous but thats not what this post is about!

    Anyway.. ASDA have got some fairly good deals on fireworks too, I'll dig up the leaflet and add the deals.

    For what it's worth amongst all this anti-fireworks chat, Costco have a 173 shot single igition display (and some other sets) for about £35 - These things used to be £99 a few years ago.

    GUYS !? can you just leave this post for Best Deals about Fireworks Only !?

    go post a new posting for your subject if need be ?


    Please make a thread in the Miscellaneous forum if you want to discuss whether fireworks should be banned or not. Thanks.

    had fireworks from tesco last year bogof they are doing the same this year they are ok not brilliant but i think you get what you pay for

    Fireworks should be banned other than public displays, there's too many idiots that buy them and act the fool with them.

    And that simate is why this thread was deleted down to one page.

    Hey! Where have all the dogs gone? :roll:
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