Best Of Bonkers CD - Various Artists only £3.93 Delivered @ The Hut
Best Of Bonkers CD - Various Artists only £3.93 Delivered @ The Hut

Best Of Bonkers CD - Various Artists only £3.93 Delivered @ The Hut

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Excellent cd collection of all those old dance tunes. 65 songs on 3 cd's

Was: £15.29
Now £3.93
Save: 74%

Disc 1
1.Ikon - Give Yourself To Me (Fade And Bananaman Remix)
2.J.D.S. - Higher Love (Slipmatt Remix)
3.Styles - People Party (Remix)
4.Force And Styles - Harmony
5.Vampire - Techno Storm (Sharkey Remix)
6.Force And Styles - Wonderland
7.E-Logic - Kick Your Legs In The Air
8.O.M.G. - The One
9.Triple J - Have It All (Pan Mix)
10.Antisocial - 24-7
11.DJ Paul Elstak - Don't Leave Me Alone (Hardcore Mix)
12.Critical Mass - Burnin' Love (DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim 173.683 Remix)
13.Various Artist - Forever Young
14.Wedlock - Ganjaman
15.Lockjaw - Deep In The Underground
16.Phoenix - Now Who's In Control
17.Diss Reaction - Jiiieehaaaa
18.Various Artist - Reactor
19.Nosferatu - The Future
20.Wedlock - I'm The F*** You Man

Disc 2
1.Sharkey - Toytown (Exclusive Intro Mix)
2.Seb - Rainbow Islands (Sharkey Remix)
3.Sharkey - Bonkers Anthem
4.Tekno Dred - U R Everything
5.Kevin Energy - Future Dimensions
6.Trixxy - Back To The Top
7.Bang The Future - Body Slam
8.Sharkey - Revolutions Pt 2 (Slipmatt Remix)
9.DJ Slam - Influence (Exclusive Bonkers Remix)
10.DJ Fury - Lemonade Raygun
11.Kevin Energy - Vertigo
12.DJ Fury - De Sensitize 98'
13.Kevin Energy - Waves Of Desire
14.Sharkey - The Awakening
15.K Complex - Adagio
16.DJ Kaos - Can You Feel It (Acid & Bass VIP Mix)
17.Kaos - Get F*****
18.Clsm - John Peel (Is Not Enough)
19.Kaos - Technorocker
20.Sharkey - Wicked MC
21.Marc Smith - Boom 'N' Pow (Exclusive Marc Smith Bonkers Remix)
22.Alas Smith - Oh No!
23.Helix - Now Control
24.Sharkey - Product Of Society
25.DJ Eclipse - Ultraworld 5

Disc 3
1.Scott Brown - We're Droppin' This (Plus System Remix)
2.Plus System - Make You Freak
3.Plus System - Prince Of Darkness
4.Scott Brown - Turn Up The Music (Breeze And Styles Remix)
5.Plus System - Commence
6.Scott Brown - Wakey Wakey
7.Plus System - Neckbreaker
8.Unknown - Bring Me Round To Love (Scott Brown's Evolution Remix)
9.Scott Brown - Rock You Softly
10.Scott Brown - All About You
11.Scott Brown - Taking Drugs?
12.Plus System - This Is How We Do It
13.Scott Brown - Elysium +
14.Brisk & Ham - Angel Eyes
15.Tommyknocker - Twist
16.Art Of Fighters - Earthquake
17.Scott Brown - Ghosts
18.Hard Creation - B****** / A******
19.Tommyknocker - The Prophecy Unfolds (Tha Playah Remix)
20.Scott Brown - Boomstick



I used to love this stuff back in the day not much of a fan now though - but I dont do the E no more, haha heat added ...

Expensive, lol.

Only £3.49 at HMV. :thumbsup:


This is a Chavtastic deal!!! Heat!
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