Best of British beer advent calendar £15 off £80

Best of British beer advent calendar £15 off £80

Found 3rd Oct 2014
Selling at £125 on notonthehighstreet, so considerably cheaper direct from best of British beer. Although OH might be just as happy with a crate of beer.
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24 330 ml bottles for £80!
I like the idea but a little on the expensive side for me
Probably get them for a good price in the New Year.
like this!
Not a good deal at all! Most stores do 3 bottles of real ale for £5.
Get a pack of 24 tins of lager,then on the packaging put 1~24 in a random fashion
Nice idea, stupid price - would have been a better idea just to sell the carboard tree for £10 and let people fill it themselves.
Fancy having a go yourself? These looked quite easy to do. Basically pringles cans (or a few postage tubes cut up) and could also be done for kids with toys etc in.

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Ordered. my husband will love this and I always struggle to get something. didn't even know it existed until you posted so thank you!
Bought one of these & they're pretty cool. Stands 3ft high and beer is all hidden inside so don't think they could have sold it empty. Sort of spoils the element of advent if you know what's in it anyway.
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