Best of Bullfrog Bundle £3.75 @ GOG

Best of Bullfrog Bundle £3.75 @ GOG

Found 12th Dec 2014
Theme Hospital
Dungeon Keeper Gold
Dungeon Keeper 2
Syndicate Plus
Syndicate Wars

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it's not the best of bullfrog..... but its a good deal

no theme park... ?

Hot, Dungeon Keeper and Syndicate Wars are brilliant.

Been waiting for theme park to go lower but will give this a whirl, thanks!

Hot great games but for me missing populous 2 and powermonger (especially the ww2 expansion pack) which are my favourite bullfrog games..

Syndicate Wars was so exellent, better than the crappy remake EA published.

If you're a Syndicate Wars fan keep an eye on Satellite Reign

"Satellite Reign is a spiritual successor to the Syndicate games and is being developed by a new team including one of original creators of Syndicate Wars."
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