Best Of ITV Wrestling - 2x DVD Boxset - £3.99

Best Of ITV Wrestling - 2x DVD Boxset - £3.99

Found 29th Mar 2008
The ultimate classic wrestling DVD for nostalgia sport enthusiasts!

For armchair sports fans in the 1970s and 1980s, four o'clock on Saturday afternoon meant one thing - professional wrestling!
Dickie Davies would sit at his desk and introduce an hour of some of the best entertainment this country had ever seen. Frank Sinatra thought the British had some of the finest participants...Margaret Thatcher was a regular viewer... not mention the Duke of Edinburgh having front row tickets at the Royal Albert Hall... remember?

Tales of fantastic bouts, as well as the best of the best from a classic era of television will be found on this cracking double disc box set.


I've had these sets, paid £3 for the A-Z one not so long ago. I wasn't impressed with the dvd's (The best of is a lot better than the a-z), but £3.99 is an absolute bargain considering some shops sell them individualy for more than this.

I am sure this would bring back a few memories - pure class !!

This is currently £2.22


For Those who missed it!

And.. as a footnote, i bought this boxset for £2.22, it contained both the a-z and the 'best of', the 'best of' on its own is in a red DVD case, this is the blue case for the boxset.
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