BEST OF ITV.WRESTLING - 2 DVD boxset - £1 delivered from tesco/ebay

BEST OF ITV.WRESTLING - 2 DVD boxset - £1 delivered from tesco/ebay

Found 20th Jun 2011
Time for bit 1970s nostalgia :-)

BEST OF ITV.WRESTLING - 2 DVD boxset. Includes The Best of Itv Wrestling & Best of ITV Wrestling - A - Z

Turn back the clock to the 1970’s when Saturday afternoon meant one thing and that was Wrestling. With the chants of “Easy, easy” and commentary by an over excited Kent Walton, this was British sport at is best. Relive all the action in this non stop wrestling frenzy featuring the most entertaining segments of 24 key bouts from 1970 to 1983. With all the biggest and best wrestlers from the era Jackie Pallo, Mick McManus, Les Kellett, Pat Roach, Kendo Nagasaki, Giant Haystacks & Big Daddy. Presented by Dickie Davies , ITV’s World of Sport’s long running presenter (1965 – 1985).
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I don't believe it. What next?
Used to get this at the corn exchange in my home town
loved this at 4 oclock on a sat afternoon as a nipper ..... aye yi yi
hot from me, Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks used to drink in my grandads pub, sat on their knees many a time, will order for the memories, thanks op
fab thanks - ordered for my nan - she loved this 4pm on a saturday afternoon !
At this price it's an Easy choice
Easy easy easy!
Can't go wrong for a quid.

If you like your 80's wrestling it's on Men & Movies channel every day.
Great find. Gonna have one happy Mom.
yep world of sport on men and moters, not sure on the time though as i only whcthed it the once

fantastic deal this will give my dad some memories hehe
Best £1 ill spend for a while.
Kendo Nagasaki.. my hero!
Have some rep fella. Quality and price like for like.
My old man used to make me sit and watch this on a Saturday afternoon-loved it!
Loved Sammy Lee and Rollerball Rocco :-)
A quid well spent. Thanks very much.
Epic purchase!!
what a bargin, for a slice of british wrestling history. Thanks, have some heat.
Brilliant, remember seeing them at that mecca of entertainment, Bedworth Civic Hall....what memories, heat/ordered!
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i remember watching wrestling too, and im a girl but had 4 older brothers!

I dont really remember it well........i do remember hulk hogan,........ he is still around isnt he now on that tv show with his daughter.....
Thanks, bought 5.
I already have this, classic well worth a quid.
Yay! I hope Marty Jones is featured. He was my hero.
This was when wrestling was a REAL sport .
Heat added --heres hoping Cat Weasle and Scrubber Daley are in the mix .
Thanks OP. Nothing like a bit of nostalgia (or another extra DVD to the unseen collection!)
Ordered, thanks OP.
Great find for £1
Heat added!
william regal( steve regal) in this ?
It doesn't get better than this, thanks OP - best deal in a while, £1 well spent
Brian Glover as "Leon Harris the man from Paris"

And not forgetting "cry baby" breaks.... stamping his feet and blubbering
thanks ordered
A great top up to a belated father's Day present. Everybody had to boo Mick McManus!!! Can't wait!
Les Kellett's son Chris was a playmate of me and my brothers when we were kids. We used to go down to Les's transport cafe in Bradford where he had a big plot of land at the back and **** about in an old bubble car and on motorbikes.

Les also had a farm on the outskirts of Bradford at the back of the velvet mill that was a good playground.

What about Masamula and Honey Boy Zimba? Masambula used to lick his fingers and wipe them on his forehead just before he nutted someone.
will make me old ma very happy, many thanks
Luv it bought thanks OP, I Kendo Nagasaki used to train in my local gym and my childhood mysteries were shattered
The whole family used to watch this when I was a child - going to order a copy for my parents as I know that they will love it.
Great find, takes me back a bit.
Sooo tempted!

Hot from me!
Love it. I used to go down to the De Montfort Hall in Leicester with me old man to watch the wrestling live. Willing suspension of disbelief gives rise to 2 hours of great entertainment. One of my mates at school was the son of Pete Lapaque, who was part of a villainous tag team duo with his brother Jon. They may not be on this disk but I am hoping to see Jim Brakes, whose 'special' I replicated in many a front-room re-enactment.
Excellent find.

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Great buy for £1. I just hope the picture quality and the sound are passable.
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