BEST PAYG DEAL: free t-mobile sim, unlimited t-mobile calls for £1 a day, unlimited offpeak texts £1

BEST PAYG DEAL: free t-mobile sim, unlimited t-mobile calls for £1 a day, unlimited offpeak texts £1

Found 30th Mar 2007
T-mobile are still giving away free sim cards and now they have a 5 day pass deal going on, which offers you unlimited anytime talktime to T-mobile phones for £5 over 5 days but my friends just used this for longer periods and used up around 1000 mins working out at just £0.005 a min.

Also if you top-up £10 in one go, they'll also provide you with free unlimited offpeak texts to all networks and also if you top-up £20 or more (combined for the month) they'll also give you 20% free credit to be used within either 90 days or 180 days (one of the 2 timescales but i can't remember which one).

This seems a great deal to me, since they already have probably the cheapest PAYG deals anyway, offering 12p a min at any time for any network or you can choose alternative deals, such as 5p a min to T-mobile calls but i think it would be better to take advantage of the 5 day pass deal and have 12p a min to any network.

Here's a breakdown of how to take advantage to the max with the free sim card:

1) Use the £5 for 5 days unlimited T-mobile calls (whenever you're ready).
2) Have unlimited offpeak texts to any network (£10 has to be topped up in one go)
3) and spend only 12p a min to any network and receive 20% back in credit (£4 for £20)

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So effectively, you could mix and match the deal as you feel but you could receive 158 any network mins a month (including 20% free), unlimited offpeak texts and unlimited T-mobile calls for 5 days or more depending on when T-mobile realise for just £20.

As mentioned, my friend used about a 1000 mins with the 5 day pass deal alone, so this could be the best deal i've spotted for people that call T-mobile frequently.

Please make your comments as to what you think of this deal, as i don't post many mobile deals, so i'm not sure as if this deal is as amazing as i think it is.

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anyone care to comment, as there's been over a 100 people view the topic but no one has mentioned if they believe it's a good deal or not.
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