Best place for Canvases, great Crimbo gifts from £19.99 @ Canvas4Life
Best place for Canvases, great Crimbo gifts from £19.99 @ Canvas4Life

Best place for Canvases, great Crimbo gifts from £19.99 @ Canvas4Life

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Ok so maybe this isn't a deal as such. But when I am faced day-in day-out like so many on this site with merchants ripping you off, tricking you or downright ignoring your complaints, I really felt a breath of fresh air dealing with this company so wanted to share it with you all; a) because they're clearly the best in the market and b) because they're one of few companies I've dealt with that actually deserve good publicity!

This niche website sells canvas prints of photographs, which I think make a great present for anyone who has a digital camera. I just wanted to share with anyone looking for a good personalised gift why I think this site is so great:

1. The website is absolutely awesome, putting a mock version of your canvas in a virtual living room for you to see how it would look if you bought one. It even lets you customise the room to make it look like your own! This is great for getting a feel for what size you want and which of your photos looks best on the wall.

2. The customer service is so impressive (which is why I wanted to share them). I sent them an email basically asking if they knew a way I could rotate my photo 1 degree counter-clockwise because the camera hadn't been held perfectly straight which made the horizon slightly wonky. I recieved a reply within hours, asking me to send it in to them to have a look at. Within days they had sent me the photo back corrected and didn't even oblige me to pay for it! I just thought this was an amazing touch in an age where customer service is all but dead.

3. On the website they boast using only the best materials and this is quite believable as they back it up with stats and brand names. They claim the prints will last up to 75 years which has gotta be good value (although I'm no expert).

4. The software on the website automatically detects the quality of your photo and will not allow you to buy a canvas that's too big for the quality. So if you have a nine megapixel picture it will let you buy most sizes. If you have a two megapixel it will only let you buy much smaller ones. They must do this to ensure your product is always razor sharp even though they'd make more money from bigger prints.

5. Despite all the above they're by far the cheapest I can find! Which at the end of the day is why we all use HUKD. A comparison of costs is below with an example of some of the sizes available:

36x20 inch - Canvas4Life: £59.99 vs Photo-canvas.com £99
24x20 inch - Canvas4Life: £44.99 vs Snapfish.co.uk £79.99

This might seem like I have some sort of share in this company but i can quite assure everyone that I don't, I am just genuinely gobsmacked at the fact that customer service, usability and best prices still means something for some merchants!


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Proof if you needed it that I'm not the only person really impressed by these guys. All 5/5 reviews on IWOOT:


Good to hear about good customer service, and looks like they offer very good quality products.

There are places that are cheaper, but I suspect the quality of this one is better so I guess it depends what you want.

Cheaper alternatives: -

Like I say, I don't think they use as good quality materials, but if somebody likes the idea of a canvas print but for less cash then they might be worth a look.

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For a really cheap option
I use a one man band (well one woman band) on ebay and have done for last few years she produces excellent results obviously I cannot comment on Canvas4life I guess they may be better quality but for A1 I only paid £22.00 delivered and on one occasion she made alterations with the photo to boot (albeit only a bit of cropping)

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