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A Way Out Xbox digital download from BestBuy for £11.07
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Posted 13th May 2018Posted 13th May 2018
A Way Out Xbox digital download from BestBuy for £11.07
A Way Out listed on best buy for £11.07 / $14.99 digital download. A Way Out is an action-adventure game developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts under thei… Read more

Rather than pointless arguing can anybody tell me if this game is any good thanks in advance (highfive)


about an hour


how long did it take for the code to be emailed?


Anything for the ps4 ver. ?


Seems a good price - is this actually any good though? :/

ISIS 22" LCD TV / DVD Combi £89.99 @ BestBuy
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Posted 10th Jan 2012Posted 10th Jan 2012LocalLocal
ISIS 22" LCD TV / DVD Combi £89.99 @ BestBuy
Just popped into best buy at Cribbs Causeway for a quck look over what left and picked up a nice little 22" LCD TV/DVD combi for my daughters bedroom. Not seen one below about £12… Read more
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TBH not much else left - they have quite a lot of the store roped off. Quite a few other TV's, and a fair bit of ex display stuff. Fair amount of accessories like cables and stuff - they were being marked down to 80% off while I was there


Hey - notice anything else good left? I'll head down there at the weekend if so...


Yes, full 12 months direct with the manufacturer. The guy gave me a leaflet explaining the warranty would not be with best buy and that it would be direct


Went into our local bestbuys just over a wek ago and all the had left was fixtures a nd fittings closed before the closing date as nothing left. So be quick if they have stuff left.


Cheap as chips but never heard of the make. On the basis it must have a 12 month guarantee I'm giving it some heat

Official Playstation Move Charging Station (Docking) - £7.50 instore at Best Buy
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Posted 10th Jan 2012Posted 10th Jan 2012
Official Playstation Move Charging Station (Docking) - £7.50 instore at Best Buy
Keep your PlayStation Move charged and ready for use. Simultaneously charge any two PlayStation Move motion controllers with the PlayStation Move charging station. Compatible with… Read more

unofficial ones in game 98p


They have these in the Merry Hill Dudley store too...only a few months ago Argos were selling the official ones for around this price, I remember buying one back then. Really very little left now in Best Buy, I am surprised to be honest because there has not been a great deal with offers but they somehow are still clearing out stocks, guess they rely on people thinking they have a bargain rather than genuinely having one.

Games over 60% off inc Ridge Racer 3DS £7.99 @ BestBuy
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Posted 8th Jan 2012Posted 8th Jan 2012
Games over 60% off inc Ridge Racer 3DS £7.99 @ BestBuy
Just thought I would let people know the deals I got today in Best Buy Derby. Did not expect much left, so was surprised to find they had several copies of Resident Evil Mercenarie… Read more
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No, they had a few compacts left Saturday but nothing but cases left this afternoon.


There were a few camera bits in on Saturday evening, but I didn't have a closer look


did you notice if they had any cameras / camera lenses left at all?


The Rotherham store is local to me and have been in a few times over the last few days. Massive discounts on all and then a further 10/15% off at the till. All TV's will have gone now except maybe the 16" at £55. There was 1 tv, 1 fridge and 1 cooker available when I left. I am after some speakers, maybe a big black fridge freezer and a 60" tv. If anyone has an idea whats in Nottimgham and/or Derby, I may take a drive down.


In the Nottingham Store - There are not many DVD's and the only blue ray I saw was High Schhol Musical 3 (70% off lowest price). Game wise there was only a very small selection of games now available and alot of them were for PC, though they did have a few copies of Brink for the Xbox. They also only had a few TV's on display and a couple of fridges. I didn't see any PC's or laptops. They still have alot of audio and hmdi cables left. But most of the stock has gone.

Fifa 12, 3DS @ Bestbuy £10.49
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Posted 8th Jan 2012Posted 8th Jan 2012
Fifa 12, 3DS @ Bestbuy £10.49
Popped into Bestbuy in Aintree before, they have almost nothing left, bit sad really but they did have loads of Fifa 12 on 3ds with 70% off bringing down to £10.49. To be honest do… Read more

whats the store like in Bristol like?


Fifa games depreciate faster than cars... wait a year and look for one with one careful owner and you'll probably get it for 99p


to be honest i thought it was expensive, but thought they would put Currys out of business! Obviously not!!


I popped into the Merry Hill store the other day, I don't personally find it sad at all...almost more of a "I could see it coming" Apart from the opening offers I never saw the car park full apart from on a Saturday, and that was only because shoppers were using the premises as a car park to walk to the main shopping complex. The prices were generally higher than PC World/Currys on the opposite side of the road, and most certainly their video games/Blu Ray/DVD prices were as high and if not higher than HMV and most certainly about a 1/3rd higher than online prices.

Ridge Racer 3D (3DS) @ Best Buy Enfield £7.99 - Possibly At Other Best Buys Too
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Posted 8th Jan 2012Posted 8th Jan 2012
Ridge Racer 3D (3DS) @ Best Buy Enfield £7.99 - Possibly At Other Best Buys Too
Just been into Best Buy Enfield and got Ridge Racer 3DS for £7.99! It was marked up at £24.99 but went through the till at £19.99 and with the 60% discount it came out at £7.99. Th… Read more

Got it for the same price in Croydon a few days ago


Not the greatest but it's well worth £8 Bought it for a tenner from Dixons before Christmas and am pretty happy with it.

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Sonic generations' ps3, 14.00! @bestbuy
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Posted 7th Jan 2012Posted 7th Jan 2012
Sonic generations' ps3, 14.00! @bestbuy
Found this deal in bestbuy thurrock retail park , part of the 60% off games closing down sale, found some good deals in Enfield branch yesterday so was going lakeside today so I th… Read more

Best buy have ceased trading


The last day is next saturday I think so there may be one more reduction apparently, Its down to the liquidation company apparently wheather this happens though.


Havent these been 'closing down' for the last couple of months? Might as well be the new Sports Direct.


Pfft they don't have a store anywhere near me.


make that week on sunday i think

Fifa 12 , 3DS, 13.99 @BestBuy
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Posted 6th Jan 2012Posted 6th Jan 2012
Fifa 12 , 3DS, 13.99 @BestBuy
Found this in Enfield store this morning part of there 60% gaming closing down sale, great price if you live near one and are after this. next best price is 19.97 from PC World on… Read more
Rocketfish - Screen Shield Kit for Nintendo 3DS 49p@BestBuy
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Posted 6th Jan 2012Posted 6th Jan 2012
Rocketfish - Screen Shield Kit for Nintendo 3DS 49p@BestBuy
Found this at BestBuy Enfield this morning loads left super deal for one of these as they are Nintendo licensed and well worht a punt for this price I thought to protect against g… Read more

[image missing]Uploaded with

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries, 3DS, £12.00 @ BestBuy
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Posted 6th Jan 2012Posted 6th Jan 2012
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries, 3DS, £12.00 @ BestBuy
Hi guys have been at work all day so havent been able to post, but found this in the BestBuy Enfield store this morning and thought it was a good price they have 60% off all games … Read more
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Just an update, the game can be reset back to its original state of no saves. The only problem is you need a thrid party bit of hardware to do it. I bought the games cheap on Ebay and have reset it with the Save Dongle. There are I think other bits of hardware out there that will also do it. Otherwise as noted you can't reset or delete the save data on the 3DS


That's a brilliant price, can't get to a best buy easily though... grabbed a copy from the local Argos for less than £18


true, but for £12 it is a fun game, cex are giving 9-10 quid for it online it looks like from a quick search, so if u lose 2ish quid it;s not that bad :)


problem with this game the save can't be erased so hard to sell on


Well said pal.

Samsung PS43D490 3D Plasma TV  £399.99 @ BestBuy instore
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Posted 6th Jan 2012Posted 6th Jan 2012
Samsung PS43D490 3D Plasma TV £399.99 @ BestBuy instore
just popped into Best Buy's Enfield store to see what deals they have left in their closing down sale, and picked up 2 Samsung Plasma's for £399.99 each on manager special!! it sh… Read more
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all you need is to buy the 3d glasess and pay for 3d channels and it works fine




"Picked up 2" , "Managers special" - The power of marketing! Goes to show it does work and makes people think that they have a real bargin.


This isn't a great tv plus you can find it cheaper with a quick internet search.


i imagine it means you need a 3D input. some tvs are hd ready, all it means is its ready for a hd input. £379 at richer sounds

ISIS 19" LCD TV, HD Ready,  Integrated DVD with FREEVIEW and USB PVR at Best Buy (In Store Only) - £69.99.
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Posted 4th Jan 2012Posted 4th Jan 2012
ISIS 19" LCD TV, HD Ready, Integrated DVD with FREEVIEW and USB PVR at Best Buy (In Store Only) - £69.99.
Just bought one from Best Buy in Hayes. Had loads on display, including other sizes, but this seemed the pick of the bunch. Great all round TV for the Kids. Also has HDMI and VG… Read more

Grateful if people could let me know if there any bigger ones in stock and prices if so. I am thinking of making a ten mile journey but do not want to waste my time. Is it worth it? Thank you!


Just paid £69 for the 19" without DVD at Hayes. Only had 2 left with the inbuilt DVD player and these were both pink, and £79. Loads of the £69 black 19" left but lots of people buying them. Also had some 16" but I didn't take notice of the price.


just got back from Hayes - plenty of them left. What I did get in the end was a 16 inch version - led and thin to put in the kitchen for 59.95 reduced from 99.95


did anyone fid any in enfield store? thanks


That's an improvement on Lakeside. Didnt do a head count, but they had done a shuffle around since last night and stocks seemed very low. Probably no more than 20. Anyhow I popped in there to pick up a Microwave combi bargain I saw last night. I haggled :D

Kaspersky Pure and Internet Security 2012, Instore only .... BEST BUY £9.99
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Posted 3rd Jan 2012Posted 3rd Jan 2012
Kaspersky Pure and Internet Security 2012, Instore only .... BEST BUY £9.99
Bargain if I ever saw one. These were noted at Lakeside. Don't be to surprised if there's no Pure left as I'm sure I took the last one from Lakeside. They were going real quick s… Read more

To All the morons who bla bla bla about MSE and Free Security softwares, JUST GET LINUX for god sake, I would have voted hot if there were any Best Buy shops around! but there are none, also I doubt you will find any, because people know that this kind of software at that price is a bargain. Now, a lot of people don't know that Microsoft is making it easy for themselves and their ally to get what they want from you through Windows and now they made it even easier through their MSE, as precaution use a security suite that isn't from them or their ally (I think mcafee, norton). Kaspersky PURE is a step above Kaspersky Internet security suite (I don't use it because it's expencive and ISS is good enough for me). Several times, when a deal about Antivirus, Internet security suite, pops up @HUKD, a lots of folks vote cold in a basis that there are free alternative, bear in mind that a deal is a deal when its current price is below the normal price, added to that the availability (otherwise you need 300 miles in certain cases to get the deal) and timing (expire in 20 min, Mission Impossible). So, please, please, don't bother with MSE and free ISSuite, otherwise, just get yourselves a smashing LINUX Distro, there are plenty of them and all of them will do as good as windows/mac OSs. thx


If you have barclays online banking, you get a three pc kaspersky license for internet security. Kaspersky is known to cause issues when adding network hardware to your computer! MSE is great :)


Lol @ all those idiots voting cold for MSE. Bet you lose account info b4 a kaspersky user..


Well, perhaps one shouldn't jump to assumptions in the first instance and that there are many other BEST BUY stores around the country.


Well, considering you said you bought the last Pure, it can't really be part of the deal. I think this whole deal would have been hot if you'd stated 3 user licence in the header though.

Huge reductions on cameras instore at Bestbuy - at least 40% off! Please read before you vote!
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Posted 2nd Jan 2012Posted 2nd Jan 2012
Huge reductions on cameras instore at Bestbuy - at least 40% off! Please read before you vote!
This may be store specific (Croydon to be even more specific) but there is a massive clearance on cameras with them all being further reduced. On top of their previous reductions … Read more
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Popped down to Best Buy over the weekend, very little left now. Thanks again for posting my charger arrived this morning so finally get to use my new camera :).


Your welcome, glad you found yourself a bargain! I wasnt sure whether to bother posting the deal as I knew people would vote cold due to it being store specific. Its good to see a few people taking advantage.


I doubt it was for pleasure. lol.


Plenty of Kaspersky Internet Security going for a tenner today and Trend Micro Security for £18. Mind you there was a guy who nearly bought the whole lot in Lakeside. Must have bought 50+ amoung some other goodies. Said it were for business but I doubted him really.


Thanks for the link. It's Panasonic DMC-GF2K from Croydon. Price on the box was a lot more than it scanned at, then I had a further discount for not having a charger. Definitely worth asking for them to check the price.

Driver: San Francisco (PC version) £6.89 in BestBuy closing down sale *Instore only*
Posted 2nd Jan 2012Posted 2nd Jan 2012LocalLocal
Driver: San Francisco (PC version) £6.89 in BestBuy closing down sale *Instore only*
I popped into my local BestBuy (Derby) earlier today and managed to pick up Driver: San Francisco for just £6.89 as all PC games now have 70% off their "lowest marked price". It w… Read more

Shame this is getting cold votes, almost half the price of Zavvi (which appears to be the cheapest online). Feedback anyone?

Panasonic GF3 with 14mm lens £258 instone at Bestbuy
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Posted 1st Jan 2012Posted 1st Jan 2012
Panasonic GF3 with 14mm lens £258 instone at Bestbuy
Saw this on a photography forum, and went to have a look at the Derby branch. They had GF3 with 14mm for £258 and also GF2 with 14-42 for £199. Apparently, Nottingham branch have t… Read more

sold out, had a look this morning


i have just this second filled it in and came on here to check if you have heard anything lol, i hope best buy is eligble ;) . what a bargain if we get £40 back aswell, shame the gf2 isn't eligble aswell :(


Panasonic have extended their cashback promotion to 22nd Jan, meaning an extra £40 off, if eligible :)


Got the g2 for 189.99 and a g3 for 257.99 from derby, cheers. Taking the lense from the g2 and selling the body on fleabay ;)


Unfortunately the cashback promotion ended yesterday. However, I will still be submitting mine, to see if it will sneek thru!! If you don't ask, you don't get!!

Best Buy Closing Down Sale,birmingham
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Posted 1st Jan 2012Posted 1st Jan 2012
Best Buy Closing Down Sale,birmingham
Seems Best Buy is ceasing UK trading so is offering up to 50% off everything in it's closing down sale More details here: Best Buy Closing Down........ -… Read more

There's no doubt many items such as TV's, white goods are still high in the sale, particularly when the sale just got underway but now that items have been reduced further, bargains are materialising but store prices in general have taken time to come down to what was offered online (hence why online sold out quite quickly). I've been keeping an eye on the Lakeside store to see if anything is worth buying over the sale period. Mostly came away with nowt but picked up a few bargains. Some from my list. There's probably a few things I'd liked to have had but unfortunately I've had to resist! Can't buy everything at once lol.


I agree, I went yesterday, what a waste of diesel driving down there.


can only comment on the '50%' off CD's DVD's fromt hat list, they prices had been pre hiked before 'cutting down' to still above the price of most competitors.


Just been to the Derby store - what a joke! Don't waste your time going, prices are ridiculously high for a store that's closing down


My point exactly - we are not 'vultures' if we buy goods from a company that is closing down...

Dyson Air Multiplier AM03 and AM02 @ BestBuy £149.99
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Posted 31st Dec 2011Posted 31st Dec 2011
Dyson Air Multiplier AM03 and AM02 @ BestBuy £149.99
Not for everyone, pretty expensive for a fan, but cheap if you're in the market for one.
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just not many fans here


awesome fans and an awesome price


nice, did happen :)


Regarding noise, don't get me wrong, it's blowing air, so it is not whisper quiet at max, but it is same as my normal fan


nice! pics ... or it didnt happen :p

Doppio Ipad case - £12.50 @ BestBuy (Instore)
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Posted 31st Dec 2011Posted 31st Dec 2011
Doppio Ipad case - £12.50 @ BestBuy (Instore)
Doppio Ipad case or for any other tablets up to 10" in size. This case has got 2 seperate compartments and comes in few colours. Highly recommended. Please note that this is RRP £2… Read more
Dynex LCD Low profile LCD TV mount for 24-40'' screens £4.99 @ BestBuy
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Posted 30th Dec 2011Posted 30th Dec 2011
Dynex LCD Low profile LCD TV mount for 24-40'' screens £4.99 @ BestBuy
Best buy is closing down, Lakeside Best buy had these on sale for only £4.99. Hurry while stocks last... (last day is 15th Jan after which bestbuy would stop trading) Model : Dynex… Read more

Has this place not closed down yet? Staff moral must be awful.