BestDealUK 2.4G 2.4GHz Fly Air Mouse Wireless Keyboard for Google Android Mini PC TV Box @ Amazon

BestDealUK 2.4G 2.4GHz Fly Air Mouse Wireless Keyboard for Google Android Mini PC TV Box @ Amazon

Found 13th Dec 2012
Product Description
Touchpad: RC 12 MEASY RC12 is an air mouse which integrated dual-function wireless keyboard and air mouse. RC12 gas solved the problem that the mouse and the keyboard should be separated and placed on the desktop to operate. The keyboard of RC12 used qwerty layout. Including all function buttons and character buttons of the standard keyboard. It is very convenient to use. The touch pad of RC12 can provide the accurate positioning of the mouse pointer. RC 12, which used 2.4G wireless technology, can control the mouse pointer position and input keyboard character in the air when you hand it gently. Perfect controlling: Innovative and convenient design of the navigation keys. The controlling distance can up to 30m. It can input with all buttons of the whole keyboard, easy to type, browser and websites and play games freely. The combo hand-holding design of the wireless keyboard and mouse, make you manipulate easily in any environment. Innovative mouse touchpad The first revolutionary initiative-the mouse wheel function perfectly integrated into the touchpad. When you paddling anywhere of the touchpad with your fingers, you can perform the mouse wheel functions perfectly. This kind of human design can bring more convenience and practically, no matter when you browsing the websites or playing media players.

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Hi, Daft question, but could you link this to be used on an xbox 360, when accessing internet? My autistic son is obsessed with youtube and is good at operating keyboards, but not controls. Much appreciate any advice off anyone. I was thinking of getting apple tv, so he could control it with his ipad, but wondering if this would be a cheaper option.
Not Sure if this will work on XBOX, unless anyone else can verify?
I have one of these , they are pretty good bits of kit , the typing can be a bit hit and miss ie repeated characters but its not much of an issue, so far ive used mine connected to :

~UG802 android tv dongle
Nexus 7 using an adapter cable for the usb

All work with no other issues and were direct plugnplay in the android devices.
Would this work with raspmc?

Would this work with raspmc?

i have a very similar one from dealextreme that works with raspberry pi and needed no configuration, just plug and play. i cant recommend the one i have tho as the build quality is poor and the charging port broke. i would take a chance with this, it should work fine
heat i use one on my nexus 7 with no problems.
Would it work on a Samsung smart Tv ?
Would this work on the MK808?
These controllers rely on plugging a dongle into a USB port, and the device to know how to talk keyboard/mouse. So if your device can accept a USB dongle, it might well work. If not, you are look likely looking for a Bluetooth variant (which would be better for an N7 say).

Personally I prefer the ones where the mouse is gyroscope based (no touchpad) so you wave it around to move the mouse pointer on the TV. YMMV.
Not bluetooth? Cold?
I would just get the Motorola Atrix Work and Play kit - Motorola BT Keyboard and Mouse that are supported by AOSP.

(Used or new from Amazon it is about the same price ~ £20) If you want you can sell the PSU as a Xoom one (Going for £15 at the moment) and the Atrix dock for whatever (£5 ?)

Use one of those boards for eating off with beanbag stuff in them.
It is pretty high quality kit.

If it is for a raspberry pi you can use the dock as well (Gets you 3 USB's) you need 2 cables looks a bit messy but who cares. Don't know about the remote (I don't have a Rasberry Pi yet). I might be able to get it working though.
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It will work on a pi I am using something similar on my pi.
I don't think this is actually an air mouse as it relies on the trackpad for pointer control. The Measy RC11 is the gyro controlled air mouse version. I have both and they are pretty good for the price.
all gone! expired
yep they work with tv dongles, better than relatively huge atrix keyboard and it's NON-AIR mouse pointer all of which i have & completely irrelevant here & nothing like these. This is good but better at similar price is F10, waiting for delivery & actually got it almost free

1 more pic + vids in next post.......
Good price
To: Reality
The xbox 360 will work just fine with any wired USB keyboard. You could pick one up for a fiver. There's usb slots hidden on the front and back of the console.
Does this work on 2012 LG smart tv?
Is this Bluetooth? If so, I think I'll get one to see if it works with my Samsung smart TV.
got a similar touchpad keyboard from logitech for the same price. dont think this is hot. not voted.
I got the RC11 by bidding on eBay for £5.50 so even better bargains can be had. I use it on my Rikomagic MK3.
i think this isnt too bad although isnt really a hotukdeal…top
Will this work on a normal pc?
As I will solely be running xbmc on it?
Nice, adding to my shopping list for a media player (Raspberry Pi)
Dear Santa,
What i really could do with is one of these types of Remotes with built-in keyboard and air-mouse, but that can control my XBMC and also control more devices like my TV, SkyHD and Amp. Can you reccomend anything?

Is this Bluetooth? If so, I think I'll get one to see if it works with my … Is this Bluetooth? If so, I think I'll get one to see if it works with my Samsung smart TV.

No it's 2.4 G wireless.
anyone recommend anything similar for under £10?

No it's 2.4 G wireless.

thanks. I'll be giving it a miss then!
compared to these, bluetooth is sh!!t!

anyone recommend anything similar for under £10?

keepyour eye on ebay i bid and got mine for £5.50
will this pair iPhone with my galaxy s3 without having to use the dongle.
also how does it compare to the rc11 which I have been also looking at.

will this pair iPhone with my galaxy s3 without having to use the dongle.

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