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Griffin Car Cigarette Powered iPad/iPhone USB Adapter/Charger @ bestofferbuy £2.81 Delivered!
Found 17th Dec 2012Found 17th Dec 2012
For MP3 players and other devices that get their power through USB. Plug your device's USB cable in and charge from almost any vehicle's 12 volt accessory outlet with this low-prof… Read more

Also this is available on eBay from a UK seller for £1.95 including postage. eBay


This deal is not for a UK based company so should not be listed on HotUKDeals. From their site the address is: Headquarters: 2A Jalan Ayer Singapore 389141 Warehouse: Shenzhen, China


This is an American site?


Product Description: Dual USB ports design Compact and easy to use Input: DC 12-24V Output: 5V/2.1A Compatible with iPad/iPhone and other digital devices Weight: 11g Dimension: 40(H)*25(D)mm


Is it Type A or B. Can't see as the link is broken

Remote Control Flying Shark Air Swimmer - Blue - £12.42 @ Best Offer Buy
Found 12th Nov 2012Found 12th Nov 2012
Good Christmas present. Usually around £30-40.
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I wonder if we are going to look back in 50 years and wonder how we were so stupid. It may be a very precious resource that we were using for inflatable toy sharks. They are cool though. Has anyone seen the video of the inflatable goldfish attacking the cat?


Didn't realise it cost that much to fill them!


What next... a remote control flying pig?


There is an international helium shortage, so you may have trouble getting hold of it


They're great but it took a tank and a half of helium to fill them last Christmas, the tanks from Asda around £24. Had two swimmers as well for our twins, was a lot dearer than we planned! But they were great fun and the kids loved them.

Cool 2-CH Remote Control Flying Shark Air Swimmer - £12.42 delivered @ (pay with paypal)
Found 9th Nov 2012Found 9th Nov 2012
Product Description If you want to own one of the coolest RC toys on the market, now is your chance. This is Bruce the inflatable shark and he is filled with a helium gas and looks… Read more

Okay, you can pick up a helium cannister the same size for £20 so i advise people to shop around if the want the cannister this size.


As I say, he only used it the once so I've no idea how long it would last or how many times it would refill the shark but this is the one he got:


By the way what size helium cannister did you have? and how many uses did you get out of it for the shark?


Yes i read putting it together can be fiddly. But why not watch the assembly video 2 on argos for full instructions:$ja=tsid:11527%7Ccc:%7Cprd:9330805%7Ccat:toys+%2F+radio+controlled+cars+and+toys+%2F+radio+controlled+toys+%2F


My son received one of these (including a bottle of gas), as a present last Christmas. Took about an hour or so of fiddling about putting it together... you have to stick on certain parts, build the tail etc. Not a complex procedure but definitely fiddly. We filled it with gas, adjusted the buoyancy by adding weight to the slider unit beneath the shark (adding weight if it floats up, taking weight out if it sinks). The weight is basically just blu-tac that you add but they supply it. I would say set-up time was definitely a few hours in total. Once it is assembled and inflated it is very big! My son must have played with it for.... oh, I'd reckon on about... 15 minutes! It's never seen the light of day since! Yeah it's a nice novelty item but the cost (especially considering you need to factor in the price of the gas), is, to my mind, just too expensive. The amusement factor lasts only a short time. Just my tuppence worth. I didn't pay for it but if I had, I'd have been disappointed.

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Corrective Swimming Goggles - bestofferbuy - £7.01
Found 11th Oct 2012Found 11th Oct 2012
Got these after reading the scare stories about people getting horrid infections after swimming in contact lenses. They're much better quality than I expected. Nose piece a bit fi… Read more
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This site is terrible! Ordered my goggles and it has been 2 months and I still haven't got them


Lolz, if I couldn't get them the right prescription for each eye I wouldn't bother. They not really prescription they are more like ready readers you can use in water.


why on earth you would want 20-20 vision swimming is beyond me unless your compete at the national team level- cold!!!


Nah, they're just off the shelf, I'm afraid. The nose piece and strap come off, though, so if you were so inclined I guess you could buy two pairs, take them apart, then put them back together again. TBH, if my eyes were as good as yours, I don't think I'd bother.


Oh yeah. Thanks. Just tried to edit it to correct it and get this: the link supplied works if I copy and paste into my browser, but once it is turned into a 'go to deal' button the link fails. Why would that be?

Google Android 2.2 7" Touch Screen WiFi Tablet PC Netbook PDA £44.29 @ Bestofferbuy
Found 4th Sep 2012Found 4th Sep 2012
Seems like a gd price to me
ke11yh This should be direct link


very poor spec for an android tablet, but i expect you get what you pay for


Is this the direct link? The price is showing as $80.40 ?!


256MB RAM - yuk!


um, i guess this is getting cold as its from us

Pixel TC-252 Wired Shutter Intervalometer £25 @
Found 7th Jul 2012Found 7th Jul 2012
The Pixel TC-252 is a highly regarded aftermarket intervalometer that connects to many cameras (both compact & DSLR) from the likes of Nikon, Cannon, Olympus, Sony and Panasoni… Read more

It does not work on my Pentax K-X so I looked into infra red ones, but no real ability to do time lapse photography. I have found which allows you to control the camera via the USB lead and record directly onto your computer. No need to wipe the SD card or worry about it becoming full. Even better it is freeware, though for what you get it was worth giving a donation. Heat added for this one though as it appears to work well.


£17 from Dealextreme


I have been using one of these bought from Ebay for the last couple of years. Just looked and they start from £7 £25 seems quite expensive to me.


Direct link:

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Dual Antenna USB 2.0 Wireless WiFi Network Adapter for Xbox 360 for £32.33 @
Found 16th Jun 2012Found 16th Jun 2012
cheapest i found Dual band 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wireless A/B/G home network compatible - Compact, high-performance design - Powered by Xbox 360 to eliminate adapter clutter - Windows … Read more

i bought the generic wireless n adapter and it was a Datel dual antennae wireless n adapter. Datel is a reputable 3rd party manufacturer imo and it works flawlessly at only £20. however looking at the stock levels seems like its only in stock at 2 stores. link here: or you could even get the "value" wireless n one which is in stock online for £22. either way if it doesn't work right you could always return it and you get a 12 month warranty from cex anyway. link:


CEX sells the genuine adapter for £35, so is more expensive but I doubt this site is selling genuine 360 wireless N adapter either so I can't really vote hot for this.


you could try cex if you don't mind a used one.


Can`t think of anywhere selling it cheaper, so hot.

Gold Plated 3.5mm Male to Dual Female Audio Split Adapter 69p delivered @ Bestofferbuy
Found 16th May 2012Found 16th May 2012
- Allow you to split a 3.5mm audio signal or connect two audio devices - These cost-effective cables are of higher quality giving you crisp, clear sound for less - Terminals ensure… Read more

I totally thought you were mental there because the onlydeal on the list was the above one until I realised it was because I had had include expired deals unchecked :|. Plonker that I am. Thanks for the reply. Website looked too awful to be legit.


Deals been posted on here for the last 2 years darren LINK


Has anyone ever even heard of bestofferbuy never mind being able to recommend them?


That would apply equally to one costing three times as much, so I think if you want to do it, this is a deal, except that the price seems to have gone up to £1.10 at THIS LINK Oooops... that's $1.10, so about 69 UK pence maybe. They actually say 72p if you select UK currency from the drop down.


Link is incorrect and beware, splitting this type of connection into two will usually half the volume.

Cute Mario Figure Dinosaur Doll Keychain (Green) - £1.26 delivered @ Best Offer Buy
Found 23rd Mar 2012Found 23rd Mar 2012
Spotted this on best offer buy and thought it was adorable! Bargain at just £1.26 delivered. Not much of a description however on another website, a few people have uploaded image… Read more

nice price, a great little easter extra


I've paid £1.64 but who cares - great deal and my son will love it - another keyring to go on his school bookbag!


Comes up at £1.66 for me.


Ahhhh, I seeeeeeeee! :) (Link doesn't seem to work btw)


I know lol, but i have gone with the website description, just in case it isn't an official Yoshi (_;)

James Bond Credit Card Lock Picking Kit (5-Piece Set) £6.63 del @ BestOfferBuy
Found 17th Mar 2012Found 17th Mar 2012
Came across this set on Amazon for £8.98 del when I was looking for a gift for a James Bond fanatic, but the seller on there although having 4.8 / 5 feedback only has 232 sales so … Read more
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A smooth criminal maybe, cha'mone!


after all that do they work???????


Spoken like a true criminal ..... X)


The torsion wrench looks way too thick to be of any use, furthermore if the metal's poor quality then you run the risk of these snapping in the lock.


erm I don't think the 60 yr old vicar I've bought the set for will be using it for nefarious purposes, I expect he'll put it with his collection of james bond cars :D

Wireless XBOX 360 Controller Gaming Receiver for PC (Black) £5.79 (use BOB10 code) Delivered @ BestOfferBuy
Found 5th Mar 2012Found 5th Mar 2012
The 'BOB10' code seems to be still working and delivery takes 5 - 20 BUSINESS days. User feedback from previous HUKD posts for this (non-official) device seem to be pretty good. P… Read more

Mine arrived this morning. Works perfectly. :)


They are powered by the usb connection, you've just broke it D;


dont click checkout with paypal, checkout as usual and ull see a space for coupon, great thing is you can still can pay with paypal at the very end.


I hope it isn't just me that I can't seem to find anywhere to apply the code within my shopping cart? (ps. paying via Paypal)


Bought one of these a while back for a similar price but never got round to configuring it, just tried using the guide provided above and works flawlessly, cheers!

Electric Shock handshake device, i. Just £1.49 (with code) with free shipping at
Found 12th Feb 2012Found 12th Feb 2012
Bit of fun for a Sunday afternoon, but generally, not a bad price too, with free shipping. Other prices available: £1.86 from… Read more
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but statements about how fat diane abbot is on topic is it?!


Enough with the petty bickering, all off topic comments removed.


Will this work on Diane Abbot or is she too fat??


Life does not get better than hand zappers...


The west midlands is somewhat distant from the nearest sea side :(

20GB xbox hard drive £12.74 @ Best Offer Buy
Found 28th Jan 2012Found 28th Jan 2012
This isn't a particularly big xBox hard drive but seemed very cheap to me for what it is.
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Best offer buy are from China, these will be fake


Blockbuster still had them on for £9.95 if you have one nearby maybe worth a look.


if your lucky you can get one from CEX for around £6. i got one for my sons new 4gb, got a proper case of ebay (paid around £4) and stuck it in. works a dream and he can now play all his old xbox games too. if your carefull you dont need to ge a new case, just pad out with cardboard.


I smashed one of these open to get the drive out & then stuck it in my daughters xbox slim & now she can play old xbox games. (the emulator software is pre installed on the drive.

Wireless Controller Gaming Receiver for Xbox 360 (Black) £5.72
Found 16th Oct 2011Found 16th Oct 2011
Use code BOB10 to get 10% off.....Thanks to 5867dude for spotting the code! Crossfire for using a wireless xbox360 controller on a pc. Use code BOB10 to get 10% off! Now only £5… Read more
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Cheers for that advice; just received mine and the supplied instructions didn't work, your method worked perfectly, thanks!


official one from ebay £8.29


I decided to order the official 1 from ebay for a few quid more,


this website is dogshit. I ordered a firewire card bout 3 weeks ago. don't think it's ever gona come. probably dont even stock it


do you need anything else to use the controller

Novel Solar Powered Cockroach (Black) - £1.33 delivered @ Best Offer Buy
Found 24th Sep 2011Found 24th Sep 2011
•This funny toy, when exposed to sunlight, can start it's mini-engine and shaking itself. So no batteries needed. •Powered by sunlight, this product shake itself seemingly forward … Read more




Sight cheaper than Hex Bugs and even better no battery. Hot.


1 x bought im into gadgets and this appealed to me!!!!!!!!!!!! costing me fortune.


I see that quite a few people in the uk bought it :)

Wooden Martial Arts Training Nunchaku/Speedchuck - £2.18 Delivered! @  Best Offer Buy
Found 11th Sep 2011Found 11th Sep 2011
Want to pretend to be Bruce Lee when your missus isn't in? 44cm long wooden training nunchuks. Free delivery.



Absolute twoddle. Blitzsport nunchaku start at around £5-£6 and are great quality!


I would not reccommend them for self defence unless you are expert also need good 2-3 meters clearance around you for them to be effective-in small space like a room full of stuff or an entrance hall they would be useless-bear in mind to inflict damage they have to travelling at speed due to their small size.

Judosteffer these look better made, and like they would do a burglar, your TV, lampshade, nads and noggin some proper damage


Gold connectors will really not change the speed your nuts will get crushed, or windows/tv will get smashed.......

MicroSD MP3 Player - £3.83 Delivered!!!!! @ Best Offer Buy
Found 10th Aug 2011Found 10th Aug 2011
cheapest mp3 around ?



ok then its a cheap card reader that can play mp3s


Surely we've all got low capacity microSD cards from upgrades/or supplied with phones ?


Doesn't appear to have any memory supplied with it so it's not really such a deal is it?


great find !! ideal for the beach train plane etc

Versatile Molle Backpack with Water Backpack Space (28 litres) Black. £9.58 Delivered @ Best Offer Buy
Found 4th Aug 2011Found 4th Aug 2011
Versatile Backpack with 4 compartments Waterproof and durable Come with a water backpack space Detachable and adjustable shoulder and waist strap Capacity: 8-28 lit… Read more
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Nice price! What's the quality of this bag - anyone has one? Anyone else used this company before? Looks like they are based in Southern China.