Bet365 Free Upto £50 in play bet

Bet365 Free Upto £50 in play bet

Found 23rd Jun 2012
Hi All

For the England Italy game bet 365 are doing a promotion so you can get upto £50 before the game and get £50 free bet inplay so if you put £50 on Italy and £50 in play on Engladn to win you will get £143.75 plus the £50 refunded because England lost and the other way round you will get £137.50 if England Win and the £50 you bet inplay (on Italy to Win) refunded
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Can you instantly withdraw it after winning ?
New and/or existing customers?
Is it on 90mins betting, what about the draw?
bad luck if it's a draw then ! For AP'ers only
And if it ends in a draw you lose all your money.
It doesnt say you cant and im sure when they doine it for the Italy game it went in my withdrawable funds, also new and existing customers
Is this after 90 minutes because if there is a draw you lose £100
Digipeep if they draw you will not lost all you money because your inplay bet will lose which means it get refunded??

Obviously you can do it on a smaller scale like £20 england to win then £20 in play on Italy
Yes within 90 mins the other alternative if you are going to bet on England to win put £20 on them qualifying to get £38 back then £20 I play on England winning in 90 mins that will get you a lot more
what if it is a draw?

you would have to back them to qualify, and those odds are not so generous. A £50 stake will return £90 if england go through and £100 if italy do
DBoniface you haven't got a clue what you are talking about.

If you put £50 on England before the match, then £50 on Italy in play and after 90mins the result is 1-1, you'll lose both bets. The in play bet will be refunded, so you will still be £50 down.

There is a way to profit from this but as gary1968 mentioned, you'll need to be an APer.
I know you will lose if it is a draw however how many people on HUKD will be betting on England to win anyways if you are going to bet anyway why not take advange of it?????
Also the inplay market you will notice as soon as the match kicks off the odds shorten
Not if a goal is scored immediately from the kick off....
Ive put England to win one nil with rooney the to score my £2 bet at ladbrokes wins £70 ! I live in hope
Still cn't get over rooneys new barnet
Rooney's out of tomorrow's match.

He's failed a random rug test.
I think im gunna do £30 on England to win then in play do £30 on Italy so if the game is decided in 90 mins I will win either 27.50 or 50 odd pound and if its a draw i will lose £30 but i wud of put £20 on England to win so not losing musch more than normal but got the chance to win more
Heat added.

I won £25 when Bet365 did this on the City/United derby and I won £50 last time on the Spain/Italy game.

If you haven't got the brains or the balls to make it work for you, that's your problem.

For me, it's a great deal.

And for all of those saying "uh, what if it's a draw?" Well, the idea is you back the draw with another Bookmaker so that you've got all outcomes covered. It's free money.
Winspiration I like your thinking! I never thought of Doing with another bookies. Join bwin or sumit and it is a free bet
I just signed up for Bwin to get the £20 free bet on there if my Draw bet loses
Great - the BET365 website is not responding !!!
Website down for site maintenance - what a joke !!!

FREE In Play bet and I cant even place it.
that was the same with me however i phoned them and they said they will put it on as my free bet in the notes
Staked: £125.

Withdrew: £193.75

Profit: £68.75

Cheers for the heads up, OP.

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