Betron YSM1000 Earphones £10.99 @ Amazon - Lightning Deal

Betron YSM1000 Earphones £10.99 @ Amazon - Lightning Deal

Found 28th Jun 2017
Lowest they have ever been Very competent earphones for the price! They do not have a microphone.

Don't you just love when you're at the movies and you can actually "feel" those massive car explosions, guns blazing and angry prehistoric beasts charging through the forest? Or what about when you "feel" the aggressive attack of the kick drum in your favorite song? That's just the kind of power and realism Betron YSM 10000 Headphones bring to your entertainment experiences. There's no holding back, you'll feel the impact every time you push play.

For years, Dynamic driver units have served us well, delivering reliable sound with rich bass all at low distortion levels. In order to capture the true essence of today's demanding soundtracks, you need a dynamic speaker to reveal every last drop of detail - that's where YSM1000 comes in. YSM1000 Earphones are using the best moving coil neodymium dynamic drivers to produce entire musical frequency range with good success.

Encased in a durable metal body complete with beautiful aesthetically pleasing design, the Betron YSM1000 Earphones will look and sound good when being worn.
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and they lighten things too? :-)

and they lighten things too? :-)

Fixed :P
Very surprised this hasn't gone hot
deal is at £19.99
am i missing something ?

deal is at £19.99 am i missing something ?

​Yeah you missed the lightning deal!
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