Bette Davis - All About Eve / Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte / Virgin Queen [DVD] £6.47 including free delivery from

Bette Davis - All About Eve / Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte / Virgin Queen [DVD] £6.47 including free delivery from

Found 18th May 2009
Three features. In 'All About Eve', given that she throws tantrums, gets intoxicated, and pushes people away when she needs them the most, it's a wonder New York theatre star Margo Channing has any true friends. But when Eve, Margo's young and innocent-seeming protegee, schemes to gain both the affection of Margo's friends and a starring role originally written for Margo, the actress discovers just who is in her corner--and who is not. Released in 1950, 'All About Eve's power radiates undimmed through the years. The role of ageing stage star Margo Channing is considered by many to be the best of Bette Davis's career, as Davis reveals and conceals Margo's vulnerabilities with a skill seldom seen onscreen. Anne Baxter is also marvellous as the subtle Eve, whose glowing enthusiasm masks a cold, calculated ambition. Both actresses garnered Best Actress Oscar nominations, and the film in its entirety took 14 nominations, winning seven of them, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. George Sanders was awarded Best Supporting Actor for his biting portrayal of potent, nasty theatre critic Addison DeWitt. Consistently listed among the best films of all time, director-writer Joseph L. Mankiewicz's 'All About Eve' shouldn't be missed; the acting, writing, and directing are unequivocally brilliant. Also includes 'Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte' and 'The Virgin Queen'


Isn't it a shame we get old...She was lovely


Great price! All About Eve is masterpiece. Wish i could get more info on this set. Im guessing the All About Eve dvd is the same as the stand alone studio classics version as they both came out in 2006. If thats the case its got 2 commentaries and the 40 min doc on it. Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte is another campy gothic movie much like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Cant say as ive seen Virgin Queen although I know its in Cinemascope and a bit lavish
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