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Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig Board Game £28.48 delivered @ Zatu
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Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig Board Game £28.48 delivered @ Zatu

Posted 17th Aug

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Combines two great games (between two cities and castles of mad king ludwig). NBP is amazon as far as I can see

It takes the core mechanisms of Between Two Cities and adds the theme and scoring from Mad King Ludwig. It also has some unique elements, so provides a fresh and interesting take on two popular games.

Sure to be a winner with both fans of the original games and new players alike, Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig is an original game, not an expansion, and there is no need to have played the original games.

Beginning by individually drafting the tiles that they want to place, each player then works with their neighbour on either side to co-operatively build two castles.

King Ludwig likes his castles to be varied and there are plenty of room types to satisfy his desires:

• Sleeping Rooms.
• Throne Rooms.
• Utility Rooms.
• Outdoor Rooms.
• Food Rooms.
• Activity Rooms.

Scoring is based on combinations of points awarded by the placement of room types and objectives. In addition, there are bonus tiles for achieving multiple rooms of the same type. These bonus tiles are:

• Fountains.
• Towers.
• Grand Foyers.
• Royal Attendants.

The individual player with the highest scoring castle will win the game, however, to win you must focus your attention on both castles equally. Each player can only count one of their castles towards the final scoring – the one with the lowest score of their pair.

Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig contains over 200 tiles for a huge degree of replay-ability. There is also a four-piece custom insert to reduce set-up and take down time. There is also a two-player variant.

Player Count: 2-7
Time: 60 Minutes
Age: 10+
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jimmy_the_fridge17/08/2019 23:02

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I had no idea about that but I'm going to look it up. Bet you can get it on steam.
jimmy_the_fridge17/08/2019 23:21

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4.99 on steam, i'll put it on my wishlist. Looks hilarious, I used to love games like this.
Available at similar price so reactivated
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