Bewitched: The Complete Box Set (DVD) £4.40 Delivered @ Amazon (£6.39 Non Prime)

Bewitched: The Complete Box Set (DVD) £4.40 Delivered @ Amazon (£6.39 Non Prime)

Found 16th Jan 2016
Pre-order Price Guarantee.
This title will be released on February 15, 2016.

Fall under the spell of everyone’s favourite witch with Bewitched - The Complete Box Set containing Seasons 1-8 and and Bewitched (2005) feature film starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. Starring Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha, Dick Sargent and Dick York as her hapless husband Darrin, Emmy Award winner and Academy Award nominee Agnes Moorehead as his nightmare mother-in-law Endora, David White as Larry Tate and Erin Murphy as twitchy daughter Tabitha.
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ordered, TYVM OP!
My nose itches

My nose itches

Have a wash.

My nose itches

Blow it.
Cheers Turkey. Top bargain!
Good price
Looks like a mistake 36 Discs for £4.40 I don't think they will honour it. They have plenty of time to get out of it.
There is no doubt this is a pricing error the series 1-8 DVD box set is currently priced at £32.90 on Amazon and this collection also includes the movie.
Amazon are usually good at honouring pricing errors had some real bargains last month got Sennheiser HD219s headphones for a fiver and they are normally around £40.
They say this is a pre-order guarantee so sounds like there is a good chance you will get it at this price...definitely worth a punt. Great find OP...massive heat

Update: Just found this in Amazon's Pre-order Guarantee T & C's:

Pre-order Price Guarantee doesn't apply in the case of mispricing, described in our Pricing Policy, or to orders cancelled by us in accordance with the Conditions of Use & Sale. Our sale of products to you is subject to theour Conditions of Use & Sale and to our Pricing Policy.

They might not honour this after all oO However nothing ventured nothing gained.

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I love the will I / won't I get it thrill of an Amazon misprice.

Previously with pre-orders Amazon have been very good to deliver, as Silva21 points out the new T and Cs I think this is unlikely to arrive, but it is definitely worth a punt.

Heat added and fingers crossed.
I doubt it will be honoured but hopefully it will be

a great series a classic nice find heat added
Hell yer..........
Heat added ...Worth a try but not hopeful it will be honoured
Yay - thanks OP, ordered! If anyone's going to honour a misprice, surely its Amazon? Fingers crossed! Heat added xx
Fab thanks I love Bewitched! Ordered!!
Ordered and money taken from my account balance. Also got an email saying I qualify for £1 credit for making this purchase. Fingers crossed.
Worth a try. Thanks a lot
Probably meant to be £44.00

Probably meant to be £44.00

Next cheapest pre-order price is £59.99, so you are probably right.
I reckon too many folk will have ordered it now for them to honour it.

Thought they'd have changed it by now.

fab thanks love this wish was blu-ray though been holding out for blu-ray but for this price YES thanks oUKTuRkEylll !!
Ordered 5. Also got the promotion credit (£1). We'll see what happens.
Great find if they honour it. Ordered and fingers crossed. If you're not in, ya can't win!
Ordered, thank you ✌️
Wonder how the credit works if they cancel it? They can't charge you for using the credit when it's them that cancels it surely?
MISPRICE . i think it should of been £44. how on earth can they sell a brand new re packaged full series box set for just over 50 pence a season . no wayin a million years is this the correct full price and purchased one as you got to be in it to win it .
In to win
Sexist and dated - hard to watch nowadays
Thanks op

Sexist and dated - hard to watch nowadays

Most things watched 50 years after it was transmitted will be somewhat outdated i grew up watching this on c4 i don't watch it for the sexist comments or the racial context of certain episodes. at the time it was very modern and forward looking. Samantha aka Elizabeth Montgomery was very far from a downtrodden housewife just read any of the books about her or even the film about her life.
Ordered...but fully expect it to be cancelled.
This deal has cast a spell on my credit card and sold me one

Thanks for sharing, think I need to start sourcing sold of the old classics I used to watch. Just wish all were under £5 each I think we'd be all very happy

If this isn't an error it goes to show box sets do not need to be a high price at 10p a disc it's too good to miss.
if you download kodi you can watch them for free.
You would have thought Amazon would have corrected the mis price by now. I certainly will not be going through with the sale if they increase it to £44 plus.
Thanks op ordered but expecting it to be cancelled:)
They do honour them sometimes, I mean I got Star Wars Battlefront for £1 and at launch I got the code with no issues. I might bite on this, thanks OP.
Thanks OP. Ordered (1 less chrissie pressie to buy)
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