Beyblade Battle Stadium just 16p INSTORE @ Toys R'  Us

Beyblade Battle Stadium just 16p INSTORE @ Toys R' Us

Found 13th Apr 2009
Not everyone's cup of tea but one for the kids who are into Beyblade. Please don't vote cold on the back of not knowing what this is.

The ultimate Beystadium where all of your strategic battles begin! Features cool themes and unique slopes favouring competitive type Beyblade tops. Colours And Styles May Vary.

What Beyblade is:
Beyblade is the cool spinning top battle game that allows you to build, customize and battle with special spinning tops. Launch your Beyblade top (sold separately) into the Thunder Rumbler Beystadium Battling Arena, then battle your opponent to win.

Arena measures approximately 20" x 20" x 5".

Hope this helps someone and its a steal for just 16p.

Enjoy battling ;-)

To the cold voter: Please let me know your reasons. Thanks.
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No idea what it is..... but voted hot as its 16p and if the kids love it, it has to be worth it!

I had me one of thesea few years ago. My friend was in to it and he got me to get one or two of the beyblades. Worth 16p either way for the arena.
I have no idea what it is - but for 16p I am sure I could cut it into small bits and use as a pizza topping.

Its probably more nutricious than a McDonald's anyway.
Amazing find well done THANKS
not bad for 16p ;-)
Saw these in store yesterday (reduced from 26p) and thought it might be handy just to load with the kids figures as they seem to be multiplying faster than the drawers do.
But then was told not to be daft as open storage would just be as unsightly as a mere pile of toys on the floor. :oops:

Hot BTW... just for sheer volume of thin plastic.
Used to have lots of them 'bout 8 years ago, never knew they were still going. Voting hot because at 16p the stadium is well worth it, used to use my mates kitchen floor until I got one!
Battling Tops.

Hurricane Hank : Red
Super Sam : White
Dizzy Dan : White with 6 Red Strips Straight
Tricky Nicky : Orange
Smarty Smitty : White with 6 Red Strips Curved
Twirling Tim :Blue

"It's all in the wrist action!"

Errr, I'll leave it at that :whistling:
We've got 3 of these on top of the kid's wardrobes. Might dust them off over the weekend for some retro spinning action!
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