BFG 512mb 8800GTS OC-£193
BFG 512mb 8800GTS OC-£193

BFG 512mb 8800GTS OC-£193

Buy forBuy forBuy for£193
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Well i just ordered one of these and its on the deal of the day, normally £199 but still a bargin as there instock and the next closest is the 8800GT which is slower and bout 5£ less if u can find it and has a good brand.

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You must find it on todays specials but a direct link will make it £199 normal
Link to site: scan.co.uk and link to card: scan.co.uk/pro…729



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thanks for the pictures guys.
Bah why does pretty much anything todo with computer parts get voted cold? the offer is still on so i think it will role over for tomorrow.
Perhaps i need to post a sexy pic and say this comes with it O.o

I think the fact the first thing ppl see are the title... which

BFG 512mb 8800GTS OC-£193

doesn't really say anything about the product, plus the lack of picture... Elaborate in the title, add a picture of product and that should help.

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I thought it said pretty much everything xD, never post deals often so yeh :). mind if i blag your pic to put up?
and anything else i should add?

edit: rofl -7 now xD, love how people vote cold but dont post there opinions, great price if u need/can afford

its nothing really cheap scan have had this deal on most of the week.

soon as i saw this "Although it isnt a huge saving dont vote it cold xD as the starting price is good for a bfg card" i knew it would get voted cold

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ill edit that ay? but it is still true, its like £6 off....... ebuyer fail at that also.

wow after deleting that bit it somehow made it go from -37 to -26 xD

told you

voted hot, not because the title was changed but because like mentioned. if you are in the market for this card then its a good price, especially from BFG who offer a long warranty. you find a lot of noobs on here so dont let the heat (or lack of) bring you down, if its a good deal, people will buy it, not vote for it.:thumbsup:

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i dont mind the cold votes but its annoying when they dont even post a reason, a saving is a saving,right?
I waiting for some funds to transfer and then i should have this new one by tuesday :), shall hopefully post results soon.
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