BFG GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB - for less than £390
BFG GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB - for less than £390

BFG GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB - for less than £390

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This is the best graphics card on the market right now, and it comes with BFG's lifetime warranty.

Only 10 in stock and the price goes up by about a tenner after this week so hurry! Ebuyer are second cheapest at £422!

I have an 8800GTX in my machine at the moment and it will run all todays games on full settings without breaking a sweat, the real benefit will be seen when the first directX10 games are available. As with all new graphics cards the price is stupidly high at the start but if like me you just cant wait till the prices drop then this is the best price around.


What special could you do with such a pricey VGA card?

play ALL games on high/max resolution + settings

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you could have "Half-Life2:Episode one" on 1600x1200 resolution with all the graphics options up full and running at 126fps (frames per second). The second fastest card would run it at 78fps.


Its for hardcore PC gamers only but give it a year and your games will start to look crappy on the non DirectX10 cards.


What special could you do with such a pricey VGA card?

Can also watch Satelite HDTV channels with a satelite pci card :thumbsup:

As advised on previous threads many have had problems with Overclockers customer services when a product fails under warranty...I had one such experience with a failed motherboard and will never deal with them again.

Note - I've updated the OP to include the delivery cost - we always try to include that here.

I've purchased a number of time at Overclockers.co.uk and have had no problems apart from one time i bought a UV coldcathode tube and it came broken in the post, i got in contact with them via e-mail and they replied back with a RMA number and i got a replacement with in a week.

I think that its a great price for a BFG 8800 GTX as the BFG card have life time warranty so if it dies you will get a replacement with BFG no problems and BFG are well know for there great service, i've had a quick look around and found the same BFG cards for £430 - £460.

If i was looking to buy a new card right now i would have no problems buying this BFG 8800 GTX from overclockers, but im sure these will droping in price more pretty soon as they have been droping in price every few weeks, and with the new ATI card not long till release you can bet these will drop more to compete.

OverClockers.co.uk are not always the cheapest place to find your PC hardware but when i did purchase things from them it was delivered the next day, i even remember ordering something after 6pm and being shocked the next day to getting a knock on the door from the postman.

I've not used them in quite awhile as all the things i've needed to buy i found cheaper from scan.co.ukdabs.com ebuyer.com.
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