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Used - Like New BG Electrical 822/HC-01 Smart Power Socket, Alexa Compatible Double 13 Amp, White Moulded £13.39 @ Amazon Warehouse

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BG Electrical 822/HC-01 Smart Power Socket, Alexa Compatible Double 13 Amp, White Moulded

Amazon £16.88 new

Used like new £16.71 with 20% off at checkout £13.69

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About this item
  • SMART CONTROL THAT YOU CAN SHARE: Control via touch, voice or mobile device, manage multiple homes and share control with others for ultimate convenience
  • SIMPLE TO SET UP AND CONNECT REMOTELY: So not only is it easy to install and set up using the BG Home App, but you can also operate your devices remotely when home or away
  • NO HOME HUB REQUIRED AND NO MONTHLY FEES: As it operates using your home Wi-Fi network, allowing you to use your Smart device freely
  • SMART HOME INTEGRATIONS: Making it compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Siri Shortcuts
  • AUTOMATE YOUR DEVICES: Set timers, create scenes, set delays to turn on/off and operate randomly to imitate home occupancy for additional security
  • PARENTAL LOCK: De-activate the faceplate buttons so these cannot be turned on/off at the wall and prevent other home members from turning devices on/off or changing any of your settings

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    Been using these for a while now and had no issues.
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    Just a feeling but I suspect smart plugs are a better option overall - smart plugs themselves are prone to failure over time and having all the electronics in the socket seems like a nuisance if that ever happens and much less flexible too (for moving around).
    Valid point but I don't like how bulky some of the smart plugs are. This is why I have opted for the sockets instead.
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    Good way of saving in leccy bill, as I'm sure it doesn't need much itself to be online, but switches off all the stuff on standby plugged into the socket.
    More than you'd think, you'd need a handful of devices sitting on standby to break even on the energy used for the always-on Wifi. For energy efficient smart devices you want something like Zigbee, designed for the purpose.

    But for devices that are actually on, not just standby, sure.
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    ideal for stopping teenagers 24hr energy drink induced xbox marathon without going into their rooms !! Heat from me
    "Alexa rage quit my children!"
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    I have a couple of these in my kitchen. Worked flawlessly so far. The WiFi range is not the best, but I have an access point in the kitchen too, so work well. They were £10.99 new when I bought them. (edited)
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    Biggest plus point is the ifttt support.
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    What's the phantom load like on sockets like this please?
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    Have smart plugs , extensions.. time to try sockets. Thanks and congrats with the 1st deal post (edited)
    It's the best way. Certainly the nearest. I use mine to warm up my espresso machine before I get up on certain mornings. It's been worth it for that alone.
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    You're welcome
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    Just under £17 now, pretty much that price everywhere.
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    Used sockets sounds like a fun item to return
    Damaged packing is the reason for "Used, Like new " description