Posted 20 February 2023

BG Twin 13A Weatherproof Switched Socket IP66 rated - £8.55 with newsletter signup code 1st order (collection - selected stores) @ Homebase

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If in need of an outdoor socket, noticed that there was some availability of the well reviewed BG Twin 13A Weatherproof Switched Socket, IP66 rated. Can get for £8.55 with the newsletter signup code . Showing stock at selected stores and currently giving the option to deliver to stores that don't have immediate stock. Next best price based on Amazon.

10% Newsletter signup. - credit ken


BG Twin 13A Weatherproof Switched Socket IP66

This two-gang socket from BG gives you a durable power source for outside your home. Install it on the external wall of your house, shed or garage for a readily available power outlet that means you don't have to trail an extension lead from inside. This socket makes it easier than ever to power a lawnmower or pressure washer in the garden. It's also commonly used to power timer lights for decking or during the festive season.

The IP66 rating certifies the box is made to withstand harsh weather, stopping dust and rain from damaging the socket. Its polycarbonate housing is UV-stabilised so it will retain its professional look and not warp in high temperatures. Fittings are included to help make installation easy. The case has multiple knockouts for cabling access, and the in-built gasket makes it quick to secure after wiring. The lights above each socket indicate whether they're on or off, and are visible through the closed cover.

• Double locking clips for added security and protection

• Groove for securing plug cables neatly

• Polycarbonate housing is robust and durable

• IP66 rating protects sockets from rain or dust

• UV-stabilised so won’t warp or get damaged from the sun’s rays

Product details

  • Metal
  • Industry Standards Certification: BS EN 41003
  • Effects and Finish:
  • Polished chrome
  • Brand: BG Electrical


Delivery / Returns

Free delivery on £100 spend - delivery info

Free collection to store

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  1. SaymynameSaymyname's avatar
    Excellent value, just tight to open and close
    ThermalRider's avatar
    I have two of these and agree with both points.
  2. OohToBe's avatar
    These are good value, I’ve had 2 for 2 years with no issues other than they are very tight to open

    Not a bad thing as it stops young kids messing with them
  3. Utakos's avatar
    Does anyone know if these are the new version with the quarter turn plastic screws holding the front on as per the images above or the older version, the Homebase site does not show any other images apart from the closed box? I believe that they have also improved how the catch works.
    jbarrett17's avatar
    They have. I’ve recorded a video for them on my instagram. Alot of improvements
  4. apacheuk's avatar
    Cost a little bit more but heard that Scolmore click OA036AG is supposed to be good (edited)
  5. greg666's avatar
    No Homebase in sight after they closed all their stores nearby, shame but I understand that they had to close those not profitable.
  6. Gerry557's avatar
    Might be worth paying a bit extra for the remote control versions with timers built in.

    Handy for garden and Xmas lights or turning on the water feature.
  7. AdelRawas's avatar
    8.99 at Screwfix if you don't have a homebase close by
    iSam's avatar
    One I got from Screwfix was the older type without the improved clip / plastic screws so I took it back and got a different design in the end anyway (edited)
  8. iSam's avatar
    Good price, voted hot. Only downside to these is that they can't fit the 12v plugs in them for Christmas lights etc. I ended up getting the single gang version with a large enclosure
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