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BG White Double Switched Socket+WIFI+USB £5 instore (Limited Locations) @ Wilko

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Reposting and hope mods are ok with this.

Not an exhaustive list but there's plenty of stock around:
Ashington 2
Barnstaple 16
Barrow In Furness 4
Beaumont Leys 4
Bishop Auckland 4
Bishop Stortford 1
Bognor Regis 5
Bridgend 2
Bury St Edmunds 16
Castle Douglas 5
Colchester 5
Crossgates 2
Darlington 11
Dereham 4
Edmonton Green 1
Exeter 5
Falkirk 2
Fareham 16
Great Bridge 4
Great Yarmouth 1
Harlow 4
Havant 2
Headingley 14
Hessle Road Hull 20+
Kings Lynn (Relo) 2
Leeds-Trinity 4
Leicester 7
Letchworth 3
Lowestoft 1
Melton Mowbray 1
Mildenhall 14
Newcastle-U-Tyne 13
North Shields 1
Perry Barr 4
Plymouth 10
Porthmadog 10
Queen St - Cardiff 14
Romford 6
Selby New 4
Silverlink 3
Southend 20+
Thetford 1
Torquay 20+
Truro 15
Uxbridge 1
Wakefield 4
Walsall 3
Walthamstow 3
Washington 3
Watford (Relo) 11
Winton 12
Workington 10

  • Easy to install and setup with one touch WPS
  • 1x 2.1A USB outlet for charging your mobile devices
  • Angled, colour coded terminals for easy identification and captive screws to prevent screw loss

BG white 13A double power socket with an integrated Wi-Fi extender eliminates dead spots and expand your Wi-Fi coverage. The socket designed to work with all wireless broadband routers is easy to install with one-touch WPS. Includes a USB charging port and eradicates the need for plug-in adaptors, keeping sockets free for use. The socket has a high resistance to fading, discolouration and scratches, with anti-microbial properties proven to reduce bacterial development and inhibit the growth of infectious diseases. It has angled, colour-coded terminals for easy identification and captive screws to prevent screw loss. The white moulded wall plate with its rounded edge finish will seamlessly fit with any style or decor in your home, fits a 25mm backbox, ideal for quick and easy retrofit. 1x 2.1A USB outlet for charging your mobile devices.

Brand: British General
Capacity: N/A
Type: Power Sockets
Coverage: N/A
Colour: White
Power: 240V
Pack Qty: 1
Size: EA
Assembly: No
Height: 16.3CM
Material: Platic + Metal
Width: 18.0CM
Age: N/A
Depth: 3.5CM
Model No: 822UWR
Bar Code: 5050765160858
Wilko More details at Wilko
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    Great price and ideal if you just want need to boost wifi to a particular spot in your house, however, these BG versions don't include powerline technology. These are literally just a standard wall socket with a usb port and a built-in wifi extender (its wifi will be treat as a separate wifi network/ssid). Also worth noting BG recommend you don't fit more than one of these in your house. In other words you cant install these throughout your property to create a wifi-mesh.

    There's another manufacture (forget who) that make a similar socket which also incorporates powerline and wifi. With these sockets you can fit them around your house so you have both ethernet and wifi in every room. They're a lot more expensive.
    another manufacture , clue please.
  2. Avatar
    802.11bgn - so 2008

    Wifi extender itself is a bad idea.
    Outdated Wifi extender is horrible idea.
    Agreed, after you've pointed out its 802.11bgn, i've just notice those sockets are using insecure/old WPS!
  3. Avatar
    Also bear in mind I believe these are only 2.4ghz - was looking at them previously.

    @umeandus you have to scroll down the page and then there's the option to check store stock.
  4. Avatar
    great idea lets put WiFi in a metal box in a wall should get a great Signal
    Or a drywall box, which shouldn't be metal
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    Word of warning. I was refitting my kitchen and had had a very old school electrician complete the electrical work. I initially purchase BG switches. He was very open and honest that the quality was terrible. I paid a premium for Sheneider Lisse (I think that’s the spelling). Most of the cost is in the fitting - go for the better brand.
    Schneider is top indeed
  6. Avatar
    WiFi extenders are junk. Avoid any .. get a powerline system or mesh
  7. Avatar
    Wow, faceplate looks busier than the Nationwide cars deal spammer (edited)
  8. Avatar
    WiFi will be crap on this and only repeat, dreadful solution
  9. Avatar
    I picked up one for the USB socket, rather than the Wifi aspect. Half the price of uglier ones (and that's a task), so all's well..
  10. Avatar
    Coming OOS already
  11. Avatar
    Really useful information from @preecyuk2000 and @HaraldBB so thank you for that. Looks like it's not possible to create some kind of cheapo mesh.
  12. Avatar
    I'm a sparkie. buying two. I might need them in future. *heads to my local wilko immediately*
    I'm a techie, you won't.
  13. Avatar
    WIFI ?
    New-fandaganled technology... it'll never catch on.
  14. Avatar
    copped at an astronomical alacrity

    I understood two of them five words (:I. As a sparkie, are they cheaper for you rather than a bog standard one?
  15. Avatar

    oh mocking it. 👏🏾
  16. Avatar
    Got 1 recently unable to make it work, the website provide to login is not reachable on internet browser through my broadband provider. Wonder if anyone got a solution?
  17. Avatar
    I read somewhere that if a lower rated wifi extender is introduced into a higher rated mesh system, that all the higher rate system is reduced to the level off the lower rate introduced. Is that correct?
    No but it makes the lower rated wifi not faster so all devices running of the lower rated one will be slow, its like a bottle neck.
  18. Avatar
    Would like to know how to put wifi in my garden shed. Run a cat5 to it and then stick an extender on it?
    That would work, or get a mesh system and place one of the devices in the house at a point closest to the shed. It obviously depends how far your shed is from your main property.
  19. Avatar
    Lol plugs will have to be supported by it departments soon at this rate