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Instore British Heart Foundation (Chorlton ,Manchester) Pompom advent calender for making crafts at Christmas 99p
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Posted 22nd Dec 2019Posted 22nd Dec 2019LocalLocal
Instore British Heart Foundation (Chorlton ,Manchester) Pompom advent calender for making crafts at Christmas 99p
Bargain price, great value to stock up for next year as stocking fillers.
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Free CPR training from British Heart Foundation
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Posted 22nd Jul 2019Posted 22nd Jul 2019
Free CPR training from British Heart Foundation
Thought this is worth sharing - a useful skill to learn and might end up saving a life one day. Available at various locations in the UK. Heartstart CPR training Course Heartsta… Read more

As someone who has spent 43 years in SAR please take up this offer and take the chance to save a life and yes it's always better to do something. If you ring 999 first thing they will tell you is to do cpr and how to over the phone. Emergency services do aggressive cpr which will brake ribs better that than dead. As for punched lung my son has had 2 and is still fittest bloke I know. As for phoning 999 a few years ago a young girl drowned on a fully crowded beach with shocked bystanders watching on a hot summers day. There was 1 999 call unfortunately far to late


Wow - didn't expect this to go hot or cause an argument in the comments... The risk of performing CPR incorrectly is likely negligible compared to the risk of doing nothing. To have any first aid knowledge is good for two reasons - first, you'll know when to perform CPR and more importantly when not to. Second, in one of these situations you will have the confidence to take control rather than standing by and wishing you'd done something. I saw (well heard) a young woman get hit by a van, a group of students stood around but no one rang 999 until I told them to. The driver immediately tried to move the lady out of the road - there was no risk from traffic and so I explained why we shouldn't move her until paramedics arrived (possible spinal injury), and she couldn't get up and walk away. I had the confidence because I'm a registered first aider and had recently been on a training course - all I did was try to keep her calm, seek medical help and not make things worse. While I agree with the comment about people believing they are super heroes and doing too much, this wasn't my experience - I knew what to do and also what not to do. This type of training can only be a good thing in that respect, plus it supports a charity.


Pete525 - thank you for posting a useful comment that adds value to the discussion :)


OH saw someone driving erratically last year & came to an abrupt halt so he got out to see if all was ok & the driver had collapsed at the wheel. He & the other people in the van got him out and OH had to give CPR on the pavement with instruction from the emergency services on speaker phone. Sadly the man died a couple of days later. RIP Neil


The image seems rated (lol)

Book a free Furniture Collection with the British Heart Foundation (BHF)
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Posted 28th Jun 2019Posted 28th Jun 2019
Book a free Furniture Collection with the British Heart Foundation (BHF)
I know not a deal but a great, newly advertised scheme for a worthy charitable cause and a good way to get rid of that superfluous piece of furniture that you keep banging your shi… Read more

You realise that people who are forced by the JC to work in charity shops are sanctioned if they don't comply? And being sanctioned doesn't mean they're then exempt from working in there, they still have to do it but with less money. It's cruel and you get all sorts of people on JSA, some with quite complex needs who shouldn't be there. Any charity choosing to be a part of such a program should be exposed and boycotted.


It's funny you say that ... Live Aid, Sport's Aid, Band Aid, Water Aid, Christian Aid (and sod knows how may other 'Aids'), Red Nose Day, Children in Need, Oxfam, Cancer Research, National Lottery Charity, and ... The amount of Charities out there (in this Country alone), are literally longer than both my arm's (and every Day a fresh half a dozen again). The amount of £billions we pour into these thing's on a Yearly basis is huggggge!, with no viable end to the money train in sight, lol (that's not to say that they're viable notable entities doing gooooood amongst their respective thing, or whatever). It does make one wonder at time's I suppose?. But for those doing what they're meant to be doing, etc?, then good on them. :-D


Yeah, I wish I owned a charity shop, I'd be rich haha


Hmmmmmmmmm, ask me again ... That's every tight business owner's dreeeeeeem that?. Note to self: questionable business men/women around the World, take notes ... lol.


Sorry, but no thanx ... Feather pillows, duvets, and suchlike are pennies to the pound (literally) - so if they bust, then minor. (Which pretty much accounts for the majority of beddings stuff's across the World, I believe?). But proper pillows, duvets, and whatever (as in memory foam/astro foam stuff's, etc etc etc?), we'll ... Let's just say, you'll never find any of them in a £Pound Shop? (not even for a tenner!). So for them thing's to then be needlessly be mangled in 2-4 seconds flat?. It just pains me just thinking about it, if I'm honest. :-( I've had pet's over the Year's, they've used old curtains as bedding linen, old custions/old pillows as bedding linen too, etc, but my memory foam pillows, I could never ... lol. But each to their own on that front though. :-)

Nintendo Wii console - £20 @BHF in-store (Colchester)
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Posted 23rd Jun 2019Posted 23rd Jun 2019LocalLocal
Nintendo Wii console - £20 @BHF in-store (Colchester)
1x White Wii console with base 1x power brick 1x set of A/V cable 1x IR sensor bar 1x Wii remote 1x Wii nunchuck Hope it helps someone. It is in Colchester.

Heat given, as long as it works rather pay towards a charity!


Hi from Colchester.:)


:/ if ya gonna pay that much may as well pay out £2 more and get one from CEX for that 24 months warranty. that being said can be picked up alot cheaper elsewhere for example cash converters usually have these for £14.99 with 6 months warranty.


Slightly too much for £20. Sorry being honest.


Just dance 2020 is being released for it.

Extendable table with 4 chairs @ BHF in-store (Colchester)
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Posted 23rd Jun 2019Posted 23rd Jun 2019LocalLocal
Extendable table with 4 chairs @ BHF in-store (Colchester)
Saw this today afternoon in Colchester. Might be useful for somebody.

I take your point, but having popped into a BHF shop the other day, I'd said that is unlikely to be a one off. I was really suprised with the quality of the furniture they had, some of it new, If a deal like this help raise the profile and re-cycle some furniture, then hot from me!


No, I mean posting a one-off item that you saw in a charity shop as a deal.


Too far from Colchester??


No, just no.

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Posted 22nd Apr 2019Posted 22nd Apr 2019
Heartstart is our initiative to teach emergency life saving skills to the British public. By attending a course near you, you're helping us create a nation of life savers – where e… Read more

Yep!, definitely worth considering. :-)


Good for you - well done. 🌝


Brilliant, thanks for the details


Great post, I didn't know they do courses I'm going to get on one, heat added <3


Great idea, although I didn't take this course, I was able to help a person having a heart attack, and was able to help buy them the time they needed until the ambulance came. More and more people are having cardiac issues, and it's great to be able to help.

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Free Glow in the Dark Poster from the British Heart Foundation
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Refreshed 17th Apr 2019Refreshed 17th Apr 2019
Free Glow in the Dark Poster from the British Heart Foundation
Fill out your details and receive it in the post for free. Great for children and adults alike. :) On the last page of the form you can opt out of being contacted if you are con… Read more

Yes I know which makes it even worse in my view. I do not want these people in my neighbourhood knocking on doors most of all mine. That’s one reason they never get my old goods EBay does and I’ve made a few bob doing that.


I just say “no” one cheeky bugger wanted to use our toilet to which we said “no”.


This people are farmed out to whichever charity that week, and dumped in your area for the day. They're not direct employees, they're chuggers on commission. Just say you already donate and they'll move on.


I do, I was just pointing out that their funds would be better spent elsewhere. I would rather my donations go towards funding research, than producing and sending out posters.


have a heart will ya?

Free Heartstart CPR training courses @ British Heart Foundation
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Refreshed 22nd Feb 2019Refreshed 22nd Feb 2019
Free Heartstart CPR training courses @ British Heart Foundation
Just a reminder on this worthwhile initiative - get a free CPR training course (various locations). Heartstart is an initiative to teach emergency life saving skills to the Briti… Read more

As you seem to have no idea how the internet works \s stands for sarcasm something you clearly have no idea about. Of course it's a great thing, the sarcasum comes because on hotukdeals everyone moans when the deal is only a local one and not national or online hence the \s


I think it's one of those location location location thing's?. Like when I was very young, in the very early 2000's, I spent about a Month or so with extended Family, farrrr outside of London. Though it was an interesting shell shock at the time (resources over there, were somewhat different to that of resources in London, etc), I was young enough to adapt accordingly at the time ... ) Resources aside, even the mindset of people (from what I could recall at the time), was even different, etc?). It was an interesting experience, to say the least. :-) It's not the best analogy I have for you to explain the 'situation', but that might as least give you some closure as to why that is/was at the time, or whatever?. :-)


Change the link in the OP to this please: As your Get Deal link goes to here instead: It's similar, but I'm not sure if everyone may get it, thanx. I think this one is more straightforward: (the one you earlier also highlighted). :-)


Not from here surprisingly, though there are lots of local people that have requested courses through BHF. Thanks for asking


Did you get many taker's to your offer?. :-D I'm in London, but if I was nearer to them end's, I'd have been on it anyway. :-)

FREE - Learn How to save a Life with British Heart Foundation Heartstart Courses
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Posted 15th Nov 2018Posted 15th Nov 2018
FREE - Learn How to save a Life with British Heart Foundation Heartstart Courses
Click on the link to find out where your nearest free course is being held and for details on how to sign up. We support over 1,700 Heartstart schemes which teach life saving skill… Read more

Everyone should learn CPR. I did my First Aid refresher training this week. It's the most important course you will ever take. It saves lives. Heat.


Brilliant post, thanks OP, will check our closest and encourage the whole family to do this. (y)


Just went to this today! Can’t recommend enough! Superb course


Hehehehehe, true true, nice!. :-D


Really nice thought

Free CPR training courses @ British Heart Foundation + Free CPR Online Training Courses
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Posted 3rd Sep 2018Posted 3rd Sep 2018
Free CPR training courses @ British Heart Foundation + Free CPR Online Training Courses
Thought these were worth sharing again - you just never know when someone close to you or a complete stranger in the street may need some help! If you can't spare the time to go … Read more
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Just a reminder that these courses are still running. Mine is later this week.


It's free.. on the page say after pass the exam .. purchase and download .. the certificate


do something else mr award winner, get the BFF to train the volunteers to run courses, the useless contacts can't be bothered to run courses, citing lack of interest. What a joke. Even if one person attends a course it could save a life. idiots


The email contacts for ones I tried were useless, the BFF need to train their volunteers on customer service skills before anything else. When enquiring, you get a response saying their isn't enough interest to run the course Wrong mentality, shame on BFF


If not trained in resuscitation I believe they say go with compressions to encourage people to at least attempt to help but if had training always best to do both. Especially if you don’t know the cause & no clinical reason not to keep away from the mouth. If in a medical setting they would always perform both only we have equipment and don’t perform mouth to mouth but always ventilation along with compressions. Compression only is better than nothing but both together is preferable for a favourable outcome especially after a couple of minutes. Of course prevention is better than cure. People living longer with more complex issues with more & more medications.

Free Heartstart CPR training courses via British Heart Foundation
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Posted 12th Mar 2018Posted 12th Mar 2018
Free Heartstart CPR training courses via British Heart Foundation
Thought this was a great initiative and you never know when you or somebody else might need it - free CPR training course (various locations) Heartstart is an initiative to teach… Read more

I attended this course last night (11/4) at the HQ London Ambulance Service near Waterloo, London with my 10 year old son (he was the only youngster there. We both did the course and had a practice session at doing CPR and was also shown how to use the Defibrillators. We both thoroughly enjoyed the course. The tutors were good and we received a Certificate each with a small guide book. So well worth going if you can. My son said this morning that he enjoyed it and now he keeps doing the CPR hand movement and making the clicking sounds - LOL I feel it is very important that at least 1 person in every household / work place should learn Basic Life Support skills. If it means we can save a life then that is one less death.


Did my course the other day near Waterloo (London Ambulance Service HQ). It was led by a volunteer from St. Johns Ambulance. Really useful and informative, I have to say. We covered CPR, getting folks into the recovery position, and even how to stem heavy bleeding. I hope I never have to use these skills but it's nice knowing just in case the time comes! :)


Thanks for this :D :D


Yes got a certificate, did the course today. Enjoyed it very useful


Just did my heart start lesson today, was good, thanks op

Up to 50% off clearance at British Heart Foundation West Ealing
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Posted 18th Dec 2017Posted 18th Dec 2017LocalLocal
Up to 50% off clearance at British Heart Foundation West Ealing
Didn't look in but seems a good deal plus it's nice to help out a charity at Christmas
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Just about the write the same, they are very over priced compare to most other charity shops.. i love charity shops.. but even 50% off would still probably not be as good as the other shops.. defo milking it :(


My comment was fact. I can't prove it as I didn't think I would need photo proof of a price of something I didn't buy, but probably as provable as your fact.


Yet t Is that not exactly what you are doing now? It's a discussion forum, people can discuss!


Rather die than have help from these . ;( EDIT - Not voting down as everyone has a right to choose who they support.


Including using people doing unpaid hours handed down by the courts. They should be doing those hours helping their community not helping these 'charities' reduce overheads so they can pay bigger bonuses.

Join Heart Matters magazine for free!
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Posted 13th Nov 2017Posted 13th Nov 2017
Join Heart Matters magazine for free!
When you sign up, you’ll get a free welcome pack (if you’ve selected to receive the magazine by post) and access to our popular fortnightly e-newsletter. Heart Matters magazine … Read more

This looks like an easy explanation Search good calorie bad calories wheat belly keto paleo. There is a lot to read about.


Whole heartedly agree, sorry no pun intended! I've just buried my head knowing I already previously had high bp two years ago! I'm a coward when it comes to anything medical, especially to do with having blood tests as I'm needle phobic, I've been known to pass out, either that or literally run out of health center when waiting for blood test! But it's finally caught up with me and I've had to face up to it! I've actually got to and see my Dr later today for results of ECG/blood tests.I'm not looking forward to my appointment later but I know I've got to face up to the hard truths and deal with it (embarrassed) Update My blood pressure came down quite considerably, Dr said BP tablets doing the job! ECG basically clear! Blood test a slightly raised cholesterol level! Dr asked me if I drink a lot of alcohol,as liver blood function a bit of concern! But I only drink approximately every other day one 330ml bottle of beer or Cider at home, very seldom go drinking at weekend! Dr didn't believe me! Asked me several times"are you sure". Said I needed to stop all alcohol and come back for another liver function blood test in three weeks!


I have slightly raised levels of blood pressure and cholesterol, even though I have been vegetarian for 30 years, always eaten well and train seven days a week! Last December I had to go to Papworth for heart surgery and the cardiologist told me that I ‘got away with one there’! Two complete occlusions (blockages) in the artery that is nicknamed ‘Widowmaker’. Thing is with heart problems is that many people don’t realise they have an issue, up to the point where they keel over. Don’t assume you are okay because you feel fine, or keep yourself reasonably fit. Particularly if you are male and over 40, you should get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked every few years.


Please share your reasoning behind your comments :/


Their advice for healthy eating is garbage. Do yourself a favour look elsewhere

Reindeer Food half price in the British Heart Foundation 49p
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Posted 2nd Dec 2016Posted 2nd Dec 2016
Reindeer Food half price in the British Heart Foundation 49p
Located on the till. Realise that some people will make their own but I didn't have the ingredients needed so this is perfect for us. Hope this helps someone. Would imagine it woul… Read more

I was hoping for snow....................not rain dear It's very very old.... a bit like me 8)


i hear reindeers like whiskas too, so spread that on your lawn they will come flocking ;)


It may be only 49p, but it's still deer food.


Is this the reindeer food that is oats and glitter and sequins that the birds get poorly when they eat?

Free British Heart Foundation Bandana
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Posted 11th Dec 2015Posted 11th Dec 2015
Free British Heart Foundation Bandana
British Heart Foundation is giving away 5,000 FREE limited edition bandanas as part of its fundraising campaign. Order your pack, dig out something red to wear and be a part of som… Read more

:) V2D<3


You're welcome :)


Having just had a triple bypass I'm very happy to support them.


Thanks op, we all have and need our hearts, heat added :)


Hope it's a bandana ... And not a banana

Free furniture uplift from the British Heart Foundation, includes large items
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Posted 28th Oct 2015Posted 28th Oct 2015
Free furniture uplift from the British Heart Foundation, includes large items
The British Heart Foundation are currently offering free uplift of furniture items to sell in their charity shops. Includes large items such as sofas (must have a fire label on al… Read more
Avatardeleted789788Get deal*Get deal*

They make a lot of their money from the council and Government in vouchers handed out to people in need. there are organisations around the country that give out furniture vouchers to people who are vulnerable and have just been found a new home, these can average about £250 and can only be used in a handful of charity shops, the main one being the Heart Foundation, so they get a lot of money that way and can charge crazy amounts for rubbish skip ready furniture as these people have no other place to spend their vouchers. So they end up with a second hand bed, wardrobe and wonky drawers for something like £250 when they could get new from Argos for less.. Eeeek! oO


I can't say that I was pestered or even approached, but when I went to one of their stores which specialises in selling furniture, I was astounded at the prices of the second-hand donated goods. Lots of items were in the hundreds of pounds, and it - to me - felt more like a 'business' retailer (not charity) than a second hand shop selling donated furniture. I had the exact same thoughts that I could get items in the major retail outlets at similar prices but brand new and exactly to my taste due to the wider choice.


They don't sell things at a reasonable price I went in and a rickety old wardrobe was £200 plus £15 delivery, they also said they'd dismantle and it was your responsibility to put it back together. I was pestered something rotten in that shop to buy something that wasn't worth anything, in the end I got 2 solid burred walnut wardrobes off ebay delivered for forty quid. People who go in to buy stuff generally can't afford to buy new, only to be guilt tripped and ripped off.


Wouldn't take my Sofa because it's got a little rip!!!


Actually the bhf dont take on mandatory work placements, only voluntary ones from the job centre. They have to turn people away if the placement feels in any way forced to work, or is under the impression their benefits will be affected in anyway as this is not the case. Managers will ask this question before getting into the interview and the job centre can actually get into trouble if they make people feel like they have to do a placement with the bhf as its in their agreement, that they don't take mandatory placements. Bhf only take placements from the job centre or anywhere else that have been offered the chance of work experience and they have themselves chosen the bhf. They want people who genuinely want to be there and in return they provide nvq's for free, references and work experience. Also the paid staff dont make much money, they mostly work alot of overtime which is unpaid and the best stuff is not kept for staff as everything gets priced and put out on the shop floor first, the shops have very hard targets to hit on everything in the shop, so it would make no sense to be keeping things back, when targets have to be met in order to make as much money for charity as possible. Its a surprisingly hard job for very little in return apart from the want to raise as much as possible to help save lives. We are good people just trying to help others, not sure about higher up the ladder after shop staff, but I know its not the case in our shop.

Free collection of unwanted Furniture / electrical items - British Heart Foundation
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Posted 14th Sep 2015Posted 14th Sep 2015
Free collection of unwanted Furniture / electrical items - British Heart Foundation
The British Heart Foundation are offering to collection any unwanted furniture or electrical goods from your house so that they can sell this on from their charity shops. "Don’t t… Read more

If in Cumbria try Impact housing , but no-one will take upholstered furniture which doesnt have a fire safety label on it. For these items use Freegle or similar -"name of town" will link you to appropriate group. I do have some sympathy for BHF their aim is to make as much money for BHF - Heart disease research etc - not to provide furniture and items at below market value . They will therefore need to balance what they take with what they can sell and also keeping their donors happy !


Hi Coffee100, BHF came 2 weeks ago to pick up two wardrobe from us and some clothes etc. I do understand what others said about they can be fussy. The wardrobes were old fashion but clean and definitely can sell to make some money. They weren't sure in the beginning, took it in the end but the feeling I get from them is like they don't really want to take it. I thought is good to pass it on to charity so they can get some money from it and I am doing a good cause. Truth is, I don't think I will bother next time as I have to wait from 7 to 3pm and on the day they specified. I changed my plan so I can stay home and wait. The good thing is they do text you an hour before. Still, my whole day is pretty much gone. Would you consider giving your fridge to a homeless charity? I saw the advert on streetlife and I have contacted them myself. I will be giving them my fridge as well.


Booked a collection, hope they take it. I've heard they can be rude or fussy. Anyone know of any other sites that collect goods in west London?


I want to get rid of a large American fridge freezer. Thanks.


The trouble is, they won't take your tatty sofa.... We use local ones now so know the money goes where it's supposed to and not to pay for some suit to sit on a beach in the Bahamas....we've also got better quality stuff from our local Freegle/Freecycle sites for free. We do have some local projects like Eset posted the link to but even some of them get a bit greedy and sort of pointless saying things like "at affordable prices to people on low incomes" when they are even too expensive for those with a small little budget.

free welcome pack on joining heart matters (BHF)
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Posted 13th Feb 2015Posted 13th Feb 2015
free welcome pack on joining heart matters (BHF)
Heart Matters is a free programme offering information that encourages a heart-healthy lifestyle, whether you or someone close to you has a heart condition or a risk factor such as… Read more

get inspired withHEART MONTHShow your heart some love. Take our 10 minute challenge and make one small change every day towards a healthier lifestyle.Raise money in March with DechoxRegister and give up chocolate for whole month and raise money for the charity.Love this mug[image missing]

BHF Fundraising pack
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Posted 16th Jan 2015Posted 16th Jan 2015
BHF Fundraising pack
Found on CloudFreebies but takes you through the BHF for a free fundraising kit.

I think it's a bad idea too, unless you somehow reappropriate the stuff they send you. The BHF are a horrible charity, and any money would have gone towards doing this to animals: ...and this to people: the less stuff out there that's promoting them, the better.


Don't really think we should order these unless we're fundraising. I'm a fan of freebies but when it comes to charities I draw the line.

Free "Heart Matters" pack from the British Heart Foundation
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Posted 30th Sep 2014Posted 30th Sep 2014
Free "Heart Matters" pack from the British Heart Foundation
Just submit your details to receive: * a welcome pack with the latest issue of Heart Matters magazine, a welcome from the BHF and a tape measure to check your waistline * access t… Read more