BHS - 60% OFF alcohol stocking fillers at checkout + £5 off + 5% TCB
I know this was posted earlier when there was a glitch with the pricing, but thats been fixed now, but theres still a bargain to be had!

Alcohol stocking fillers @£12.00 each - 60% gets taken off at checkout

ADD CODE: WK8GIFT at checkout for an extra £5 off + 5% TCB

This is what i ordered -

Description Colour Size Qty Price
Blossom hill® white zinfandel No Colour One size 1 £ 12.00
Bacardi® spirit stocking filler No Colour One size 1 £ 12.00
Smirnoff® spirit stocking filler No Colour One size 1 £ 12.00
Three barrels® spirit stocking filler No Colour One size 1 £ 12.00

Delivery Restricted standard home delivery £ 0.00
Spend £25 Get £5 off (x 1) £ 5.00
Spectacular Saving (x 4) £ 28.80
Total Discount £ 33.80

Order Total £ 14.20


Worked for me - nice find, thanks op!

But they are only tiny bottles 200ml, so you would need 5 to make a litre, but good price for a small gift

Original Poster

Hence why there called stocking fillers lol

Everything I have tried to buy is OOS.

Great , thanks

doesn't want to add items to basket, and most are o.o.s.

got it to work, added a cuddly toy too lol

This deal isn' expired, and don't forget quidco.

closer to christmas last year these all went down to £6-8 each bought a few for friends

fantastic - £3.55 each -great stocking fillers!

has anyone had a confirmationa email yet?

Great deal! Only Three Nuns left in spirits but ordered 4 different wines.

I am missing something by ordering 4????

I just ordered 3 and it came to a total of £9 something delivered, and I have to also take quidco off??

The £5 coupon is off orders £25+ which 3 items are (£26?)

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Nah not missing anything I just wanted 4 lol


has anyone had a confirmationa email yet?

Nope, not me. Glad I'm not the only one! I was considering phoning them about it today, but will probably wait a few days. Their website was crap when I was ordering, might be something to do with that. No money has been taken yet either.

Well my order came earlier this week and all I can say is well done op (again) for finding. 4 stocking fillers for £14 was great, especially when its booze. Would never have paid full price for each of these but brilliant find! Hope everyone elese got theirs too!
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