Bialetti Quality Ceramic Pan Set £9.99 + 6.99 shipping (reduced from £59) @ Amazon sold by InternetukShop

Bialetti Quality Ceramic Pan Set £9.99 + 6.99 shipping (reduced from £59) @ Amazon sold by InternetukShop

Found 22nd Mar 2015
"3 Piece Ceramic Coated Pan Set. Coated with two layers of the latest nano-ceramic material, for the ultimate non-stick finish. This means you can fry with little or no fat, and the food just slips out onto the plate with no stains left behind. Ceramic is practically scratch-proof and far more hard-wearing than previous so-called non-stick coatings. The set includes 3 pans. The pans themselves are made from durable forged aluminium so they are exceptionally light and easy to use."
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Thanks, ordered
Ordered - must stop visiting this site!
Is the longevity of the ceramic coating on these high?

I got a Ceracraft ceramic 26cm frying pan for Christmas and after 2 months of use the coating isn't as easy to wipe anymore as it was when I bought it. There's nothing visually to indicate that the coating is damaged or worn, but food sticks to it now far easier and quicker than in the first 2 months of use-making it a bit pointless.
Answered my own question, did a quick review and Amazon came up with the same reviews as the Ceracraft one, the coating goes after a few months:…3W/
No offence to the OP, but do not waste your money on these ceramic pans, it was a gimic that was a flash in the pan so to speak. Terrible quality. I have gone back to Tefal standard no stick pans and wouldnt be drawn in again.
Yeah, I wouldn't go near a ceramic pan ever again... Got one when I moved into a house with an induction hob, as my old non-stick one wasn't compatible and it's absolutely rubbish. I only ever used a silicon spatula with mine and cleaned with the soft side of a sponge, but within a month the ceramic had chipped off in a few places and pretty much everything stuck to it.

Ideally spend a bit more and treat yourself to a proper cast iron skillet... It'll take a bit of care, but will literally last a lifetime if you treat it right.
I bought a pair of ceramic fry pans from Costco 4 weeks ago . . . . . very disappointed ,they are going back now and I will seek out a quality non stick
Reduced from £59?? The graph clearly shows they were £14 the whole time.

You get what you pay for with pans in general, and ceramic especially.

I bought a cheap set from Groupon, not good, bought an expensive one from Aldi (I know, but it was mmore expensive than these sets by itself and without a lid), it felt good quality, it was 3 or 4 times heavier than the cheapos and is perfect so far, my favorite.

If it is light, it is low quality, if it is also cheap, just stay away.
Good price, heat from me

If it is light, it is low quality, if it is also cheap, just stay away.

The Ceracraft one I was given is pretty heavy, probably about the same weight as a Circulon if not more. I think reviews are the best way to judge, and these pans have plenty of poor reviews.
We have a ceramic egg pan and it's great, just a spray of oil and it cooks really well.
1 tiny chip in the ceramic in the last six months but otherwise all good.
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