BiC Cristal for Her - Black (Box of 20) £5.75 @ amazon

BiC Cristal for Her - Black (Box of 20) £5.75 @ amazon

Found 11th Jul 2013
What a great little present for the lady in your life. Mixed reviews though, some positive....

'A brilliant product. Perfect colours (pink *AND* lilac!). Only four stars as it didn't come with free washing up gloves'

and some negative....

'Bought them for the wife, the box is open but the pens haven't been used. No instructions! Come on bic'

If I know my girlfriend as well as I think I do this is going to be her greatest birthday present ever.
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After suffering debilitating gender-based paranoia for many years due to … After suffering debilitating gender-based paranoia for many years due to my large hands, interest in science and ability to make my own decisions, I became convinced that even though I was born and live as woman, society would never accept me. My life was a battle but I fought on, between bouts of hormonal weeping and watching endless romcoms and DVD boxsets of 'Friends', yet was unable to connect as a woman or find that elusive romance or 'friend'. I subscribe to all the women's magazines, buy all the latest beauty products, still all I have added to my life is a pile of old magazines and bottles of vegetable oil based lotions. Nothing was working.Then, my sister came to my house one day to find out why I had not attended our weekly trip to the salon, only to find me lying among the cupcakes I had lovingly made her, curled in the feotal position and rythmically rubbing my body with an unplugged Ladyshave. Seeing my despair at the harsh reality of not being feminine enough, she wept as she bathed me in a scented bubble bath. Leaving me alone with a chocolate bar to eat seductively, she crept out and sourced me a small pack of BiC Cristal for her.Within moments I was able to sit unassisted again. I brushed and even swung my newly washed hair, and my tears slowly dried as I added layer upon layer of beauty product, using the pens to mark which worked and didn't. I wrote a to-do list named 'The start of the rest of your life.' I truly did start living that day.Then, a few nights later I noticed a silvery blue light coming from my desk. The pens were glowing, ethereal, like an aura of woman was pulsating from their inner ink tubes. I looked out of the window, and sure enough a full moon was glowing. Just as the moon affects the tides which draw our mentrual cycles around, the Cristal BiC were responsing with an unworldly glow to the feminine mystery of the moon. I swept them into my hands and wrote job applications to be a model, responded to dating ads and wrote letters to long lost family. All of them were successful. I now have a handsome partner, am admired for my looks, have lots of friends to have brunch with and am more sexually satisfied than ever.Which is why once a month you will hear me loud and clear shouting, nay rejoicing at the moon: "I am a BiC Cristal owner: I AM WOMAN!"Would have been five stars but the packaging's quite hard to get into without a man around. 4/5

some people have too much time on their hands...
As much as these have fun reviews etc, they were £3.23 before and £4.18 elsewhere
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