Bic crystal gel filled pen - For the first 3000

Bic crystal gel filled pen - For the first 3000

Found 17th Jun 2007
Post code box not long enough so i just filled in the first few digits and won!!



thanks for this, bluesky - I got an email confirming that I had been successful

thanks i won one

Yay! I won

Thanks ..... but i can smell spam lol

I'm not going to enter for a pen, But for those that do its good.

Voted Warm.


Something iffy here whois shows this site as belonging to bic, but i cant believe that this promotion has been running sice march 1st (see rules) yet has not had 3000 applicants yet?

Yeah, I got the statutory email proclaiming my winning status, guess we'll have to wait and see.

thanks for sharing this offer.

I get this:


I get this:

no luck all gone..:-(

Cheers but ill skip as i don't want a load of spam coming for a free pen!

Postcode seems short to me

I get mail not right.

anyone recieve it as yet? I'm still waiting two weeks I wake up and run to check the post and still nuthing

I received the email after signing up to this but still haven't got the pen yet!

I havent got anything as yet, anyone got there's?

Mine pen arrived this morning. Not bad seeming I won it back in June and had completely forgotten about it.

got mine this morning too!

:giggle: What a wait for a pen...better than nothing though:thumbsup:

I was one of the lucky 3000 & received my pen today!

Not brilliant, but it's the only thing I've ever won (so far!!), so am grateful!!!! :-D

Yeah I got my pen and it's very nice to write with

yeh.. got mine too and daughter has nicked it! :-(

I got my pen too - thanks!
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