Bic Razor with 4 Blades - £2 @ Bic Shaving Club

Bic Razor with 4 Blades - £2 @ Bic Shaving Club

Found 15th Mar
Found this offer while I was scrolling through Facebook. For a £2 subscription you get the razor and 4 blades, so as long as you remember to cancel the day after they arrive its a cracking deal!
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Small flaw in cunning plan: Only 1 blade in first pack
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Isn’t it one blade in the first pack not 4?
yes its only one blade first pack
Only 1 blade in first pack 😥😥
Just one blade
Yes it’s one blade, I received it thinking I was recieving 4 but that’s in the next order in which prices increase, I just cancelled subscription!
Want no nicks cuts etc get wilkingson sword protector £3 at boots best razor ever had blades last ages read reviews
Why is it only now bic are releasing non disposals? They've been in the game years. The Harry's entrepreneurs made 2 million in they're second year, now that's impressive
First rule of Bic Shaving Club..........
Hubby tried a trial of "Harrys"
He said it was the best razor he's ever used and their shaving gel was like a silk cushion on his skin ..... must nick his razor and gel and try it on my legs, see if it is really that good! PMSL
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Not found any subscription that are better value than buying fusion blades on offer. They hook you and then there is the shock price.
I’ve pretty much tried them all and keep going back to Gillette.
Cornerstone - worst blades I have EVER used. Cuts galore. Avoid completely.
Bic - relatively smooth and felt solid but a couple of nicks first and following shaves.
Dollar - no cuts but pretty poor shave & longevity of the blades really poor.
Harry’s - not bad and the best of the bunch but cancelled sub as Gillette streets ahead.
King of Shaves - better than most but feels awkward.
Wilkinson Sword - never found them to last as long as Gillette.
Own brands generally poor but Lidl’s was fairly impressive.
I’m sure there are/were more but Mach 3 almost impossible to beat.
Fusion comes close but even more expensive than the Mach 3.
If price is vital, try Lidl, if quality is vital, try Mach 3.
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