Bicycle / Bike Accessories on Sale @ Lidl from 09/04/09 (Bicycle Computer /Gel Saddle Cover /Lock /Unicycle / Glasses / Shoes / Track Pump with Pressure Gauge / Repair Kit / 35 Piece Bicycle Tool Kit )
Bicycle / Bike Accessories on Sale @ Lidl from 09/04/09 (Bicycle Computer /Gel Saddle Cover /Lock /Unicycle / Glasses / Shoes / Track Pump with Pressure Gauge / Repair Kit / 35 Piece Bicycle Tool Kit )

Bicycle / Bike Accessories on Sale @ Lidl from 09/04/09 (Bicycle Computer /Gel Saddle Cover /Lock /Unicycle / Glasses / Shoes / Track Pump with Pressure Gauge / Repair Kit / 35 Piece Bicycle Tool Kit )

Heads up for cyclists. Some decent prices on cycle equipment.

Details and prices in posts below.


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35 Piece Bicycle Tool Kit £24.99lidl.co.uk/uk/…ar7
35 pieces
Kit includes:
- Bottom bracket tool
- Hub cone spanner
- Tyre lever
- Repair kit
- Hexagon key set
- and much more
Supplied in a sturdy plastic organiser case

Bicycle Repair Kit £3.90 lidl.co.uk/uk/…ar7
Choose from:
- 64 piece kit including bulbs, repair patches, screwdriver and much more supplied in organiser case
- 15 piece kit including bulbs, repair patches, multi-tool and much more supplied in robust polyester pouch

Track Pump with Pressure Gauge £5.99lidl.co.uk/uk/…ar7
With aluminium casing and plastic foot base
Ergonomic shaped T-handle
Max. pressure: (bar) 10
For Schrader, Presta and Dunlop valves
Includes adaptor for air mattresses or inflatable toys
Hose length (cm): 70
Height (cm): 56.4

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Men’s Cycling Shoes £18.58lidl.co.uk/uk/…ar7
Combination upper made of high-quality leather, breathable mesh and hard-wearing synthetics
With pedal cleat attachment points
Moisture regulating Coolmax® lining and insole
Lace fastening with hook & loop strap
Sizes: 7 - 11

Sports Glasses £6.99lidl.co.uk/uk/…ar7
Scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses with 100% UV-protection
Includes 2 sets of replacement lenses, elastic strap, microfibre bag for lenses and robust pouch for glasses

Unicycle £34.99lidl.co.uk/uk/…ar7
20" wheel with aluminium rim and chrome-plated spokes
Ergonomically shaped banana saddle, height adjustable (cm): 93 - 103
Quick release clamp for easy adjustment of saddle height
Non-slip pedals with reflectors
Detachable front and rear saddle bumpers
Includes floor stand
Maximum recommended weight of rider (kg):80
Only to be used under adult supervision
Weight (kg): 4.7
3 year manufacturer's warranty

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Bicycle Computer £2.99 lidl.co.uk/uk/…ar7
With 20 functions, including:
- Current/average/maximum speed
- Trip distance in km or miles
- 12/24 hour clock
- Thermometer in °C or °F
- and more

Gel Saddle Cover £2.99 lidl.co.uk/uk/…ar7
Thick gel padded cover for extra comfort
Shock absorbing
Non-slip backing and drawstring adjustment to keep in place
Choose from standard or wide

Bicycle Lock £1.99 lidl.co.uk/uk/…ar7
Robust PVC coated steel bicycle locks
With brass lock and 2 keys
Available in red, blue, black or silver
Length (m): 1.8

The toolkit is great for the money, had mine for 2 years now

That toolkit for £24.99 is a great deal!

Gel saddles are a waste of time in my opinion though, the thin lycra covering wears out in no time. Your best off putting them on inside out if you want them to last any length of time.

Not a fan of anything "cheap" when it comes to bike stuff, but it's cheap enough that if it breaks in a year you've got your monies worth...

Same as the Draper on Amazon but a lot cheaper fom Lidl

Box ContentsSpoke wrenchL handle8mm hexagon key with 1/2" sq. drive … Box ContentsSpoke wrenchL handle8mm hexagon key with 1/2" sq. drive adaptorCotterless crank extractor8 x 10mm open ended wrenchFreewheel turner (My edit: Cassette tool & chain whip)3 x 75mm plain slot screwdriverTyre gauge30 x 32 x 36 x 40mm headset wrenchBottom bracket toolTyre repair kitChain rivet extractor15 x 16 and 15 x 17mm pedal removers13 x 14 and 15 x 16mm hub cone spanners8, 9 and 10mm 1/4" sq. drive sockets3 nylon tyre levers2 plain slot screwdriver insert bits size: 5 and 7mm2 cross slot screwdriver insert bits: No.1 and 27 pce. metric hexagon key set


I must look quite a contradiction cycling about on a Specialized Epic wearing Lidl SPD shoes!

Might add some sun glasses to the look too.

Like jupiter above I also bought the toolkit 2 years ago, admittedly back then it was only £19, but it has proved excellent value. These tool kits are pretty generic and you can see them across the internet cycle retailers costing up to about £45. If you price up the costs of a cassette, bottom bracket tool, chainwhip and 8 mm allen key (crank removeal) it comes close to the same price. The only advice I would give in advance is that the crank removeal tool wont work on octalink bottom brackets just the square taper sort, as the plate on the end of the tool is too small.

The tools are decent quality and in my opnion make a good start to any mechanics kits, ive just been adding a few Park tools as required.

I bought 2 sets of sunglasses last year, They are excellent. I will buy some more, as after 12 months my yellow lenses (which i use for cycling) have got a bit scratched...Never let your toddlers play with your sunglasses!

If anyone is looking for a good workstand, the best I found was ]this, which for £66 delivered is (I believe) identical to the out of stock "revolution" stand at edinburgh bike shop.

Was delivered within 2 days and I am very happy with it.

They also sell a tool kit to go with it for £35 (which looks identical to the blue kit pictured above). Makes the Lidl tool kit look like excellent value.

Was hoping there would be cycling clothes like shorts and jackets.

Oh well.

Anyone know if the shoes are any good?


Anyone know if the shoes are any good?

The only problem with the shoes is that they're heavy. This is exacerbated by the fact that that they become a rotational mass, making them seem even heavier. The extra weight doesn't bother me though (although admittedly, I rarely wear them, I much prefer my battered old trainers and flats)


Anyone know if the shoes are any good?

I bought a pair a couple of years ago as I had never tried spd's before and have to say they were excellent, they are sutiable for walking about in and riding the bike, to be truthful everything I have bought in Lidl has been top value for money!

For what it's worth:
Last year's track pump was useless because the valve couldn't take any pressure at all without leaking or popping off.

The repair kit + bag is pretty useless. The patch kit was pretty bad, the levers were way too flexible and the bulbs? Umm, who uses tungsten? Oh, and the bag itself isn't at all waterproof.

The old design of shoes was also pretty bad - it fell apart quite easily.

Not saying don't buy, I'll probably have a good look at these shoes and the toolkit (and I've suggested that someone could buy me the unicycle for my upcoming birthday), just make sure you look at the design and be critical.

Bicycle Computer £2.99 any good?


Bicycle Computer £2.99 any good?

If you don't like it take it back, I believe Lidl have a pretty comprehensive returns policy?

Anyone got this unicycle from Lidl? Always fancied a a try at riding a unicycle for some strange reason!

These cycling shoes are selling for £2.99 ,due to a misprice in a national daily.Just got 3 pairs for under a tenner
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