Bicycle Computer £3.99 @ Lidl

Bicycle Computer £3.99 @ Lidl

Found 17th Mar 2010
Features included speed, distance, clock, thermometer and much more
Batteries included


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very similar to the cateye I own.... I paid around £15 for this.

Computer this Linux or Windows ?? :-)

great deal - but it says these aren't in until 22nd March - just incase anyone was going for one.

Are these available right now? On the website it's listed as next Mondays Special Offer.

just be aware that you tend to get what you pay for with these things - I bought a couple last time they were on offer at Lidl (not the same make, but I think they were the same price). One is still going fine (approx 6 months old) - the other would never show a speed higher than 20mph and eventually refused to switch on at all - I stick to cateyes on my decent bikes....


Was waiting for the Aldi sales but these look really good. Alwyas pretty good quality and there is heaps more products. Thanks!!
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