Bicycle gear including bike workshop stand for £29.99 at Lidl

Bicycle gear including bike workshop stand for £29.99 at Lidl

£29.99LIDL Deals
Found 19th Sep 2010

Pannier Bag set £14.99
Cycle computer £3.99 (30 functions! - temp, speed, time, distance etc)
Gel saddle cover £3.99
Mini foot pump £3.99
Cycling gloves £3.99
Tyre sealant spray 75 ml £2.49

Bike workshop Stand for £29.99 - folds for easy storage, height adustable (105-190cm), tool tray, support jaws to clamp to crossbar.

Don't see the workshop stands very often so thats probably the best deal....though the cycle computer will make a good stocking filler for Xmas

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Which stores is this? Can't seem to find the offer. I know these Lidl deals are sometimes regional.
They've got it listed on the website now - if you type in your postcode you should be able to see if its going to be in your area....

PS bike not included
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This should be on sale tomorrow.............and if you get a Daily Express there's a £5 off voucher.....…431
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Nice find, shall be trying to get one today.
Just got the last one in Tyldesley branch, I tried 4 stores prior to getting mine and no one had them, Lidl Customer services will not give out store telephone numbers for you to check, but will check stock for you over the telephone but this is hit and miss as I found out.

Also they come in quite large boxes so you can't miss them, overall impressions is they are excellent, German made and of great quality, I've got a park tools one and it's nearly as good as that and that cost me around £90, the stand feet are better on the lidl ones as theres four instead of two on the park tools ones.

WELL worth it, looks like they should cost about £100 easy
Sent my wife to local store this morning at 9.15am and they all sold out. The manager said there was a queue of 15 cyclists waiting for the doors to open at 8am! :-(
I kinda hit lucky, as the Manager said that someone had just brought one back because his wife had managed to get one from another store, he'd only brought it back 10 mins before I managed to bag it!

Keep trying guys theres a chance you could get one today if your lucky, if you can't see them ASK!

My wife couldn't find them at our local and asked the manager, but he told her that they already ran out of them last week... how does that work out then?
Picked up one this morning 8.15 along with the cycle computer for under £30 using the Daily Express voucher.....:D

My wife couldn't find them at our local and asked the manager, but he … My wife couldn't find them at our local and asked the manager, but he told her that they already ran out of them last week... how does that work out then?

Some areas have their special offers at different times. Check the Lidl website, type in your postcode and that will show the offers current in your area. (Some stores may put out stuff a day or so early)
did anyone else manage to get one?
some joker has them on ebay for £75, makes me

did anyone else manage to get one?

Yes I got one, they are really good quality as you would expect from german made tools. The tubular bar is heavy good quality, not flimsy stuff. It is very stable and versatile. For £30 im chuffed to bits. The only thing that would slightly concern me is the abs plastic joint from the upright bar to the horizontal bar that holds the bike. This could be a weak point as this is where most stress is and its plastic. Having said this it has a 3 year warranty so if it is going to fail then it will have done so before then.
Just picked one of these up this morning... they'd sold out in the 3 stores nearest to me, but I'd remembered there was a new one hidden away. They had 4 in stock.

Fantastic value (mimicking the above), the metal bits are sturdy, but the clamp will be the failure point. A 3-year warranty will be useful!

Given that it's £30 you aren't going to get Park Tools, but it's half the price of any other clamp-based mount, even the crappy looking ones... and I needed one for Sunday. Can't believe this is only 44% heat!
BTW: Stock was in the Ilkeston Road store Nottingham, by Raleigh Park. 1 Midland Way NG7 3NY.
Purchased this today. Was going to buy the cheap version for £30 from decathlon but saw this and had to get my hands on it. Total BARGIN. Was so excited that I set up the workstand in my room lol.

Initial thoughts are - Its very simple to set up and take down. Its seems very stable and very heavy which would also suggest good stability and overall strength.

Obviously I wasnt expecting the same standard quality as Drapper or ToolHut and therefore the fittings are not of the greatest quality but then I only payed £30. In general, a perfect worth the money buy. Very happy.

Purchased this morning (27/09/10) at the Woolwich store in south-east london.
This was a joke. Went to store at 8am. Was one of first people in (2 other people). No one on tills.

Empty shelf.

Me to assistant- "Where are the bike stands"

Reply- "They all sold out".

Me- "But they only were meant to go on sale this morning".

Assistant- " Yes they were all bought- I saw people walking away with them just now".

Bloke stood next to me- "I was first in and no one has bought them".

Me (thinking not saying out loud as I walk out of store): "No surprise I never shop in this dump. What a joke. Wish they had built a quality store like an M&S food or a Waitrose on this site instead of these jokers."
I got one Monday morning about 10 am and there were still about a dozen left.

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