bicycle inner tube £1 @ POUNDWORLD

bicycle inner tube £1 @ POUNDWORLD

Found 22nd May 2016
inner tube @poundworld £1
size 24" x 2.125
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My local also has 20" and 26" tubes.....
Patch kits, surprisingly, are stocked right next to these

As is the Listerine
Heat Deflated Price But Let's Hope These Are Not A Let Down X)
Presume bicycle in a tube is something like ship in a bottle?? confused
Or do the planet a favor and buy a puncture repair kit?? (Obviously if a valve goes it can't be helped)
Last time I checked one of my bikes inner-tubes has got about 5 repairs and it's still going strong :-)
As a boy scout i was always told to be prepared, If i had a puncture i would not call the A A or any of those organiations. I
would take out my condom , pull out my inner tube and fit the condom in its place. All that would be needed is to blow air into the condom till its the right pressure and start cycling. Never mind the puncture kit a fist full of condoms will keep you going for a long long while.
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