Bicycle Trailer half price £35 @ Asda instore - down from £70

Bicycle Trailer half price £35 @ Asda instore - down from £70

Found 14th Jul 2011
Don't have a pic for this and can't find it on the Asda website - sorry - but there is a bicycle trailer big enough for two toddlers that went to half price today. Three wheels, roll-bars, sturdy construction. Blue, for what that's worth.

£35 seems like a good price for one of these things - they certainly seemed to be selling quickly. As of 2 o'clock today there were 2 in Rugby, which isn't a large store. Stock shouldn't be a huge issue.
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bloody hell, bargain if you can get one (_;) nearly bought one from halfords on sat, half price to £130. going to ring my local one-see if they have one. thanks
bishop auckland darlington spennymoor metro centre all dont have any
None at Tamworth:( display one reserved! Hot if you can get one!
there is one left at Derby if anyone is interested ?
We went in there to draw out the cash to pick up a second hand one for £45 and saw these by chance
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Hubby picked one up from Asda minworth they had couple left if that helps.
Minworth has everything under the sun. It's enormous. Glad a couple of people have taken advantage of this
teeside park asda living have some ive just got one and its great really easy to set up and my daughter loves it

this only has 2 wheels and only has a harness for 1 child but its great
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