Biffy Clyro Only Revolutions CD £4.98 @ Amazon

Biffy Clyro Only Revolutions CD £4.98 @ Amazon

Found 11th Feb 2010
An awesome album at a bargain price. Review
Only Revolutions, the fifth long-player from Biffy Clyro, is a far cry from this Ayr trios earlier, reliably embittered emissions. Long gone is the abrasive post-grunge that characterised albums like 2002s The Vertigo Of Bliss, replaced by polished production, uplifting melodies and a grand, orchestral palette. This doesnt meant Biffy have succumbed to the sort of blanding out that afflicts so many bands that clean up their act, though--indeed, in many ways theyve become a more complex, idiosyncratic musical force, touting big anthems laced with creative eccentricity. The likes of "The Golden Rule" and "Born On A Horse" take their cue from Muse, fitting up songs with progressive twists and turns, not to mention some curiously elliptical wordplay. "I pronounce it aluminium/'Cause theres an I next to the U and M", spits Simon Neil on the latter, over an offbeat keyboard groove. Elsewhere, "The Golden Rule" hitches hectic riffage and gang vocals to an unashamedly epic symphonic outro, while "Shock Shock" channels relationship angst into something cosmically terrifying: "You scratch and you scratch 'til your face comes away, replaced by a hole or a vortex", sings Neil, over an bracing barrage of guitars. --Louis Pattison
CD Description
Fifth album, following 2007's 'Puzzle', from the Scots progressive indie rockers. Here they forgo the overt commercialism of 'Puzzle' in favour of a return to their classic style welding emo-style structures to technically complex math- and jazzcore elements. Named for the novel by Mark Danielewski, produced once again by Garth Richardson (Gallows) and withstriking cover artwork shot by the legendary Storm Thorgerson, the album includes the singles 'Mountains', 'The Captain' and 'That Golden Rule'.


Do you know if this is the 'jewel case' or these crappy cardboard cases?

For 'these' read 'those'.
in before the spelling police.

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For 'these' read 'those'. in before the spelling police.


I don't know about this but I'm sure every copy I have seen in shops has been in a cardboard case!!

Ordered, heat n repped...

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Cheers for the rep

i hate you, just paid £6.99 at HMV Worcester!!!??
great price, nice find, mine (store bought) had the jewel case, i hate the cardbord ones, they suck!!



, i hate the cardbord ones, they suck!!:thumbsup:

The cardboard ons are great for stuff I already own on vinyl, it's like "this much smaller than I remember".

Also stupid juwel cases keep breaking.

Recently got the Simon & Garfunkel boxed set and a lot of Japanese imports of Springsteen albums. They're great, complete with little poly bag inners (jnstead of stupid paper inners that came with the vinyl and scratched it unless you replaced it.)

Just rip the CD to a hard drive anyway - i only buy the CDs 'cos sound quality's better than MP3
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