Big Bang Theory: Season 1: 3dvd £9.99
Big Bang Theory: Season 1: 3dvd  £9.99

Big Bang Theory: Season 1: 3dvd £9.99

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Johnny Galecki (ROSEANNE) and Jim Parsons (JUDGING AMY) star as two geeky scientists who are accustomed to probing the secrets of the universe, but totally inept when it comes to the greatest mystery of all: women. Their lives are turned upside down with the arrival of Penny (Kaley Cuoco), a beautiful blonde who moves in next door and gets their Bunsen burners all fired up. Plenty of high jinks ensue as the two clueless roommates receive a crash course in the ways of the opposite sex.


Great series

Excellent series, top find mate :thumbsup:


Great price for a funny series, ordered thanks!

Heat added.

good price, decent series, tho i wish they'd kill the laughter track.

Worth every Penny!


Worth every Penny!

Geeky humour +



schizoboy, many many thanks for those!!!! oh yeah heat added although got it already, 2nd series out in uk in october, 3rd and 4th season (to be american) commisioned in US. right i'm off to play rock,paper, sicssors,lizard,spock!!

excellent price heat added!

no way.........just paid amazon £14 for this on monday night

Im a newb here... but I have been using the site for sometime

GREAT buy thanks for the deal


awesome series

great series but that guy really annoys the hell out of me at times i wanna hit him with his all his quirks...SPOCK....lol

i just gone on link and is now £13.99

yep, price gone up

Awesome series!

Loved Kaley Cuoco since 8 Simple Rules, but can't stand BBT.
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