Big Bear Gold Malt 6x330ml (non alcoholic) 99p in Home Bargains

Big Bear Gold Malt 6x330ml (non alcoholic) 99p in Home Bargains

LocalFound 29th Dec 2016
was in home bargains tonight getting pack of Gatorade,
and seen 3 different types of this drink,

they had big bear gold malt, silver pink malt, and black pink malt,
in packs of six cans for 99p pack said non alcoholic and had a little
German flag on the packaging.

no idea what it tastes like as don't drink either beer or malt, but for those
who like a non alcoholic version of a German beer especially at the new year,
99p might be worth it
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they also now got black malt choice and its now been moved to the alcohol section even though no alcohol in it lol
Hmm tried the gold one last night. Its all right, bit like an watery light beer.
1. I'm someone that stopped drinking 1.5l of cola a day to water, so tasting anything that not water is amazing!
Its 56calors a can, coke n irn bru about 150
I can wholeheartedly recommend the 'Black Malt' version 100%, it's very nice.
Can't say the same about the other two tho' (Gold is "iffy" & Pink is vile !).

Buy the Black tins with confidence, nice taste, not sugary, just pleasant.
(keep 'em chilled - makes a nice change from other flavoured tinned drinks)
I bought a pack of the pink malt. It's a required taste. Gave a tin to my daughter, who after the first sip flatly refused to drink anymore lol. So will check out the black tins....... thanks
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