Big can of AZERA Coffee 100g Only £2.19 at the CO-OP

Big can of AZERA Coffee 100g Only £2.19 at the CO-OP

Found 29th May 2013
Half price at the moment if you like this brew.
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Sorry should be a picture of a big can but I cannot change pic now.

Now changed, thanks.
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I tried this at one of the many promotions going on around Leeds at the moment - I had to chuck it, its disgusting

Anyway voted hot as if you like it its a tremendous deal.
This stuff is amazing
This stuff tastes great
Great tasting coffee - thanks OP!
It's average, found it too sweet like it's got vanilla in it; preferred Kenco's Millicano in taste
Beats the recent promotion at Sainsbury's. It's quite good, but I would never pay the full asking price.
Millicano is definitely better, followed by the Carte Noire one. I find this a bit bland, tasteless with an odd sweetness to it and I drink mine black with no suger. I thought I just hadn't used enough with it being finely ground. Even 3 teaspoons it's still watery...

Nescafe Espresso is probably my favourite out of these fancy instants. It's such a shame it's so expensive usually. They'll never be a patch on freshly ground beans on my 15 bar pump, but it's good enough when you're at work.
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Nice, got this when it was in tesco on offer a while ago....this is the mutts nutts if made with hot milk;)
love this stuff, might have to stock up!
personally I think chicory tastes better than this.
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very nice coffee in my opinion although clearly not to everybody's taste. I usually drink kenco rapor or another semi decent freeze dried brand and I think this is nicer than the usual stuff so hot from me.

personally I think chicory tastes better than this.

I saw this for 1.99 at sainsburys over the weekend. Not sure if it's still there.


What in weather like we've been having ? oO
these have been £2 in Asda for months
I fell for the advert that said it tasted like barista style coffeee. I think it tastes truly awful. Camp coffee made with lots of milk is lovely!

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nice but prefer the milicano!


Camp's ok but even the old powdered stuff you used to find in the shops. Chicory is a cheap coffee substitute, often mixed with coffee to make coffee go further. Yet in my opinion it tastes better than these expensive instant coffees.…tml
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I love this coffee, even better than Milicano. However it doesn't taste great when used to make black coffee for some reason, but with plenty of milk it makes a really smooth tasting coffee.
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