Big clearance @ Studio

Big clearance @ Studio

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I can't bring myself to vote for anything hot from Studio. They seriously messed me around over a garden set over the summer. Made me sign up to a pay on receipt account, then wrote to me after a few weeks saying my credit was too poor for an account, wanted payment up front, but couldn't guarantee me that the products I wanted were even available! Shocking!

I don't know if that's just my experience but they seemed to mess a lot of people around.
Didn't know the Bay City Rollers had moved into the egg cup and gravy boat market
Studio are con artists. they do not have stock themselves but order from manufacturers once you have placed an order so they do not know if it is even available.
AVOID like the plague.
i have a terrable experiance with them in the summer . thay did sort it out in the end but the phone charge is shoking
I had an awful experience with studio. Ordered a bbq and a week later got a letter saying my credit was not good enough and payment was required before they would process the order. I sent full payment and after 2 weeks I still had not received the item. After several phone calls and emails I eventually got my money back 6 weeks later! Awful dodgy company with dreadful customer service.
My husband was refused an account and was advised to check his credit score so we did 979 if that's not a good score god help the rest of us !! Frustrating or what ??
So on the basis of the comments above I'm voting cold.
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